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 Archive 643: Daily Pix FULL SIZE
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Euphyllia ancora Veron & Pichon 1980, Hammer or Anchor Coral. Tentacles with anchor, hammer or u-shaped tips. This one at Rob Bray's House of Fins, at the 2013 SPLASH event.  

Dragon morays, Enchelychore pardalis from Hawaii are striking with white bodies and variegated black, yellow and red markings. Their name derives from the presence of elongate, pointed jaws and long posterior nostril tubes. They command a high price for their beauty and adaptability, and are worth it. This one in Randy D's tank at Pratt 2013.
Gymnothorax miliaris Kaup 1856, the Golden Tail Moray. Western Atlantic; Florida to the Antilles. To twenty eight inches in length. One of my favorite aquarium members of the family due to its inherent small size, good looks, and good numbers to be found in the wild. This one at Rob Bray's House of Fins, at the 2013 SPLASH event.  
Goniopora spp. Twenty four tentacles per polyp. Indo-Central Pacific; genus ranges from Red Sea, East Africa to Australia, S. Japan, Tuamotus... This one at Rob Bray's House of Fins, at the 2013 SPLASH event.  
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