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Archive 793: Daily Pix FULL SIZE
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Palythoa caesia Dana 1848. Rubbery appearing common mat, flattened polyps exposed to varying degrees to 3 cm. diameters. Tentacle ends look like knobs. Dark brown to tan in color. Central-Western Pacific. Kona 2014

Trapezia tigrina Eydoux & Souleyet 1842, the Yellow-Red-Spotted Guard Crab. Similar marked to its host, Cauliflower Coral (Pocillopora meandrina). To 1/2 inch carapace diameter. Indo-Pacific. Fiji photo. 

Chondrocidaris gigantea, A. Agassiz 1863, the Rough-Spined Urchin. Dark Larger outer spines covered with fouling organisms (algae, sponges, bryozoans...). Relatively short, secondary spines are clean. Hawai'i and New Caledonia at depths of usually 30 meters plus. This one out and about (of the rocks) during the night at Keohole, Kona, HI 2014
Trapezia flavopunctata Eydoux & Souleyet 1842, the Yellow-Spotted Guard Crab. Similar marked to its host, Antler Coral (Pocillopora eydouxi). To 1 inch carapace diameter. Indo-Pacific. Kona, Hawai'i photo.  2014
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