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Archive 794: Daily Pix FULL SIZE
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Heterocentrotus mammillatus (Linnaeus 1758), the (Red) Pencil Urchin. Indo-Pacific; Red Sea to Hawai'i. Nocturnal, hiding in crevices by day in depths to thirty feet, emerging at night to rasp rocks. To one foot overall diameter. Hawai'i picture. 2014; out at Keohole, Kona at night.

Echinometra mathaei (Blainville 1825), the Common Urchin. Indo-Pacific; Red Sea to Hawai'i. To about four inches overall diameter. Hides by day in rocky crannies it helps gouge. Mostly eats algae it rasps from rocks by night. Kona 2014
Linckia guildingi Gray 1840, the Green Linckia. Usually with five (sometimes 4 or 6) arms that are cylindrical in cross section. Skin appears smooth but is coarse with low, hard nodules. Though called "green" occurs in other colors (tan, beige, brown, blue, reddish). Big Island Hawaii pix. Can do regenerate from a single arm; that may be lost or automized.  
Holothuria whitmaei Bell 1887, the Teated Sea Cucumber. Indo-Pacific. To one foot plus. Hard black bodied with light sand coating stuck to the outside. Called the "Mammy Fish" for its nipple-like "feet". Prized for the consumption of the outer body-wall as "beche de mer". This "loli" in Hawaii. Lona 2014 
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