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Archive 795: Daily Pix FULL SIZE
(For personal use only: NOT public domain)
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Pinctada margaritifera Linnaeus 1758, the Black-Lipped Pearl Oyster. THE pearl oyster of the South Pacific. Indo-Pacific all the way to the Eastern Pacific. To almost a foot in length. Kona, Hawai'i pic.  2014

Pseudoceros dimidiatus von Graff 1893. Look for the double yellow "racing stripe" down the middle for this species. Other markings are variable to missing.  Central to western Pacific. One off of Kailua Kona, Hawai'i 2014 
Celleporaria sibogae Winston & Heimberg 1986. Easily missed or misidentified as something other than a Bryozoan. Crustose, flat colonies, comprised of elongated polyps of zancleid hydroids growing commensally. Calcified, hard to the touch. Western Pacific; N. Australia to Malaysia. Bali 2014
A SPONGE, NOT Cheilostome sp. Variously colored zooecia, found mainly encrusted on dead coral skeletons and rocks in the shallows. Bali 2014; see the osculae? Sheesh!
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