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FAQs about PanWorld Pumps

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Re: Cyanobacteria/BGA/Sump Return Pump 4/9/09
Hello Scott,
Do GenX, Iwaki, & PanWorld Pumps in the 1100-1500gph range generally have the same 1" inlet height alignment?
<Generally close enough to "get by".>
Is there some kind of standard to that?
I have been switching out pumps to try and get one that is quiet and powerful. So far I tried the Iwaki 70RLT with too much noise, then swapped to a GenX1100gph with a slight improvement but still not quiet enough for the family.
<I bet, big powerful pumps with big powerful noise.>
Then I stumbled across good reviews "quiet & smooth" comments about the PanWorld pumps. I only get a little concerned with height settings as I already have a sump hole drilled for 1", the first 2 pumps aligned ok....not sure if the PanWorld will align... do you know if these are quiet running pumps?
<Generally considered so, but they do still produce some noise. If you are going to run a largish external pump there are a few things you can do to help this out. Set the pump on some vibration dampening material such as a silicone pad...McMaster.com has many options. Also, plumbing the pump with flexible PVC can help.>
The GenX and Iwaki have loud fans on them, hoping for better with these Panworlds for this and future tank setups if you have any experience with them?...
<I do, and although I do feel they are quiet for what they are, they are still not without a certain amount of noise....don't look for a huge difference. For what you are doing here I would look at the Poseidon PS4. They are essentially water cooled rather than fan cooled. This does keep the noise down, but does heat up the water a bit more.>
Thanks again,
<Welcome, if you want to try the PanWorld the manufacture's site has a detailed diagram for the input height: http://www.panworldamericas.com/PS/Inch/B1202554.pdf
Scott V.>

Re: Cyanobacteria/BGA/Sump Return Pump 4/10/09
Yeah I've got a PS4 on standby if the PanWorld is too loud for these folks. The only thing I don't like about the ps4 is that they don't have enough pressure on them to move enough water esp. when going through a 1" SCWD and check valve w/ a few 90's along the way and for a 110 gallon 5ft tank...it also has 3/4" in/out and would need riser/padding underneath to align with sump. Great pump for smaller tanks with chillers, I've got one on my 75 as the return pump, but I had to get a Vortech to get enough flow in that tank. So im hesitant on using the PS4 if I can get away with the PanWorld.
<Ah, ok!>
Some have said it's a hit or miss with individual pumps, some work well, others of the same model sounds like s***...I wish someone would develop a quiet 1" size pump with minimal heat transfer.
<Me too. There is a gap in the pump world between fairly efficient and quiet submersible types for a few hundred gallons of flow and the large Reeflo type pumps. If you want 1000-1500 gph of flow it leaves few options.>
<Do let us know what you think of the PanWorld comparison....like you said sometimes it comes down to the individual pump. Scott V.>

Re: Cyanobacteria/BGA/Sump Return Pump 4/10/09
I installed the PanWorld pump...this thing works wonders man. It's about 95% as good as a Reeflo dart as far as noise goes. Silent operation.
<Wow, good news...I have not used on in a while.>
That GenX and Iwaki pump i had tested were ridiculous compared to this new PanWorld.
<Good to know, thank you for sharing here. This will help countless others in the future.>
<Scott V.>

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