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 Archive 225: Daily Pix FULL SIZE
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Arothron mappa (Lesson 1831), the Map Puffer. Indo-Pacific. To twenty-seven inches. This gentle giant is best supplied with plenty of rock cover to hide amongst (they're shy), and fed sparingly, but to fullness a couple of times a week. A profile of one in Raja Ampat.

Arothron stellatus (Bloch & Schneider 1801), the Starry Toado. Indo-Pacific, Red Sea, east coast of Africa. To forty eight inches... not a misprint, yes, four feet in length. For huge systems only... and devoted puffer lovers. A colorful juvenile individual found in the much in Raja Ampat.
Canthigaster valentini (Bleeker 1853), Valentini's Sharpnose Puffer has a filefish mimic. You have to look close to discern Paraluterus prionurus even when accidentally shipped mixed in with valentine's puffer; as a file it has a two-spine dorsal that the puffers lack. This is a type of Batesian mimicry, with the file suffering less predation by pretending to be an unpalatable puffer. A pair in Lembah Strait.
Rhopalaea sp. (likely R. crassa) Translucent cool colored groupings. Common throughout the tropical Indo-Pacific, reef flats and slopes. Predated by Nembrotha nudibranchs. Vertical whitish or brown lines are their sperm ducts. N. Sulawesi pix. 
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