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 Archive 472: Daily Pix FULL SIZE
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Montastrea cavernosa Great or Large Star Coral. Colonies as boulder shaped domes. Distinctive blister/cone-like corallites of larger than other TWA species (about 9mm in diameter). Cozumel 2011.

Mycale laevis, the Orange King Sponge. Bright orange to yellow with white excurrent siphons. Grow under, about a few species of stony corals, actually protecting them from bioerosion by other/boring sponge species. Cozumel 2011.
Siphonodictyon coralliphagum, the Variable Boring Sponge. Not for reef aquariums. Appears in various physical forms, fingers to bowls, to encrusting patches. Bores into live corals. Here into Mycetophyllia danaana in Cozumel 2011.
Reticulated Seastar (Oreaster reticulatus), a large starfish common in the Turtle grass beds of the tropical west Atlantic. Growing to twenty inches in diameter, it consumes mollusks, even oysters in heavily calcified, tightly shut shells, methodically and with a voracious appetite. Cozumel 2011.
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