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 Archive 507: Daily Pix FULL SIZE
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Caulastrea furcata Dana 1846. Small corallites (under 10 mm. in diameter). Septa are irregular, some much larger (tooth-like) than others, sticking out. Have distinctive "candy cane" appearance. Common in the wild and captivity. Easily kept, cultured, reproduced by fragmentation. Fiji 2011

Chlorodesmis fastigiata, Turtle Weed. Found widely in the South Pacific and marine aquariums. Prefers brisk water movement and bright light. Can be a pest if too prevalent, otherwise useful for nutrient uptake/consolidation, food for some tangs and angelfishes; toxic to some corals in proximity. Fiji 2011
Chromis amboinensis (Bleeker 1873), the Ambon Chromis. West-central Pacific; Cocos-Keeling Islands to Samoa and the Marshall Islands. To three inches in length. Fiji 2011
Genus Ctenactis Verrill 1864. Elongated polyps with a central furrow of one to many enclosed mouths. Septa are regularly arrayed with large triangular teeth. 
Ctenactis crassa (Dana 1846). Axial furrow extends apparently to both ends of the polyp. Multiple mouths, all within the furrow. Fiji 2011
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