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FAQs about Precision Marine (PM) Skimmers 

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PM Bullet 2 Skimmer Sudden Drain  7/28/11
Hello, I have a Precision Marine Bullet 2 skimmer with a Mag18 pump, and lately I've been trying to dial it in better because I had it off for 2 weeks while I was away because I didn't trust my parents with it, anyway, when I got back it overflowed way fast (like in 30 seconds it was at the top spilling into the collection cup) and I used the manual to set it up from scratch, gate open, air valve shut, get water to proper height, open air valve to 5 o'clock. It worked for about 20 seconds then in the base where it gets sucked up by the exit pipe back to the sump just completely drains and doesn't rise again until I close it more, then it does the same thing.
<Needs finer adjustment... of the water flow/diversion into the mixing chamber, perhaps with addition of (some) air>
I have checked and cleaned everything with vinegar and a saltwater scrub to try and get rid of fluctuations in the skimmer, but it still has the problem. Any help would be great thanks!
<I'd try adjusting again... with both valves as mentioned. The overflowing should slow down w/ the removal of material from the water. IF you can't adjust to running, a very large water change might solve this issue. Bob Fenner>
Re: PM Bullet 2 Skimmer Sudden Drain 7/28/11

Thanks for the help, but it appears that even when I don't touch it, this still happens.
I don't know what's causing it, it looks like the exit valve will just decide to let all the water through even though the valve functions normally. Thanks again.
<Mmm, do contact the maker re: http://www.precisionmarine.com/home.aspx

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