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FAQs about Quiet One Pumps for Circulation 

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Water pump sel.  4/10/09
Best brand water pump for silence. I have a quiet one3000 that is quiet but I want something a bit stronger. When I hooked my uv up to my system the flow from tank to sump went way down. So I bought a quiet one4000 and it is loud and vibrates and actually has very little flow difference. Just wondering pump suggestion? Is eheim good and quiet?
<They are, and very true to the flow rating...you cannot go wrong with a 1262 for what you are looking for here.>
PS your book is a very good read. Pages are getting worn out already from all the reading.
<Ah, Bob will be happy to hear this!>
Happy Easter!
<You too.>
Sent from Penny Pendergraft
<Scott V.>

Re: Water pump 4/10/09
Thank you for your fast response.
I will go with the eheim then. I sure hope it's quiet. For the price it should be. Haha.
<Never a 100% guarantee, but these pumps have never let me or anyone I have talked to about them down!>
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Ellcar Ventures Ltd.
<Scott V.>

Increase in Pump Size? 10/15/06 Greetings Bob & Crew <Greetings.> Got a question for you. In my 125 reef with 40 sump, I need to replace my return pump. It is a QuietOne 3000. It has performed flawlessly for over 3 years now. <I am amazed.> Lately, it has jammed by itself several times requiring a disassembly and reassembly to restart.
<This sounds more like a QuietOne to me... not a big fan of these pumps.>
During my last routine cleaning, I noticed  that the magnetic shaft looks slightly scored. It also took 45 minutes of tinkering to get it running again. <Sounds familiar.> In addition, the black plastic shield  on the power cord is cracked and I can see the two power wires (their shielding  is intact). No electrical short though (I measured).......yet.
<Time to toss it, don't wait to get shocked.> So, I have determined it is time to replace it. <Ahh, good.> I am very happy with  the performance of the 3000. In addition, it is hard plumbed into my system with a 1" MPT, something similar sized pumps don't have (usually  3/4"). But, I am wondering.  Would I benefit any by upping to a 4000? It has the same 1" MPT output. Would it increase the overall water flow?
<I'm not remembering the flow rates of these pumps... keep in mind that the most you can push through 1" PVC is roughly 900 GPH so any money spent to get higher flow rates than this could be wasted on both the pump and the electricity to run it. Of course, head pressure is a factor here as well so I'd just do the math and see if it makes sense.>
I have a Durso standpipe for my return. Would the increased return by countered by a slightly higher water level (can afford about 1/2" before my overflow is sunk) and thus a larger outflow? <Perhaps a slightly higher water level and a tweak or two on the standpipe.> Or would all I achieve is a higher energy consuming pump with a partially closed return line (ball valve) to balance the intake/outflow? <Also a possibility.> I know the old phrase "if it ain't broke..." but I can't help wonder if I could make it better. <Well... do understand the issues here... especially the hard plumbing. I'm a big fan of replacing same with same... except that I hate Quiet Ones so much... no worries, if they work for you then as I said, do the math on expected flow rates and give it a shot if it pencils out.> Sorry for the long question, but want to get all the info to you. Thanks again -Ray <Cheers, J -- >

Equipment/Pump Selection Quiet one 4000 vs. Mag 9.5   4/21/06 Hello crew,  <Hello Anthony>   It's been a while since I wrote - hope everything is well.  <As good as it gets.> Anyway, I have a 75 gal tank with a 20 gal sump and a Mag 7 return pump passing through an Arctica 1/10 hp chiller.  It seems that the output from my Sea-Swirl is less than the output from my Maxi-Jet 900 power head (230gph).  I think that the chiller is the major bottle neck.  <More than likely.>    I'm planning to get a stronger return pump but can't decide between a Quiet One 4000 (50watts) or a Mag 9.5 (90 watts) with similar gph.  I like the Quiet One for it's size and low wattage but concerned about the noise level some users are complaining about. (I want it at least close to the noise level of my mag 7)   I also like it because there's a dial to control the flow rate.  There are also complaints about re-starting the Quiet One. Are these concerns valid and is the Quiet One really quieter than the mag drives? <Yes, they are valid.  Most people want to keep noise to a minimum if possible and conserve on electricity.  If it were my choice I'd go with the Quiet One.  It runs about 20 watts less giving you very close to the same flow rate and head pressure.  I think they are a quieter pump than the Mags and I've never heard any complaints about the new models. Thanks,  <You're welcome.  James (Salty Dog)> Anthony

Quiet Return Pumps? - 04/23/06 Good Morning WetWebians; <<Late night here on the East Coast now...Howdy!>> I apologize, as this is a little long, but here goes. <<No worries mate>> I am in the process of sorting out the plumbing for a 6',180gal. reef.  What I have for plumbing are two overflows, each with a 1.5-inch drain which dumps into a Rubbermaid container in the stand beneath.  I think these are good for about 1200 or1300 gph each. <<Mmm, yes...on paper.  Can take much fiddling/tuning to get this much out of them>> From there, a 1" bulkhead feeds a Quiet One 6000 which pumps the water back to the tank through, perhaps, four feet of 1" PVC (with two 90s and one 45 elbow), at the end of which will be a manifold of some sort. <<Ahh ok, good...you're not trying to "max out" the overflows through the sump (yet)>> Also on the Rubbermaid, is a 1.5" bulkhead which will drain to a 75gal. sump/refugium in the basement (currently, there is a 35 gal. tank there, since I am using the 75 to hold my livestock in the interim).  The return pump will likely be a Mag 24 to go back to the display tank (there should be about 13' of head) and then a SCWD.  Both returns are through the overflows via 1" bulkheads. <<Okay...trying to get my head around this.  You have two 1.5" drains going in to sump #1, which then drains through a single 1.5" throughput to sump #2.  Sump #1 returns water to the tank via the Quiet One 6000 pump, and sump #2 returns water to the tank via a MagDrive pump.  I think this is a balancing act that will end in disaster sooner or later.  Do reconsider having sump #2 return water back to sump #1 rather than back to the tank.  This way you need only work with "one" pump to set water flow/primary sump levels.  It will be impossible to balance the two pumps to each other on a continuing basis>> I chose to use the Rubbermaid as an "intermediate" sump so that I could use an external pump as a main circulator (heat issues with submersibles) without having to drill my 75. <<Should be fine>> It also allows for a short return path on one pump while allowing the versatility of a basement sump. <<Do think about my previous comments re>> I have filled the system with tap water and am testing using a Mag 9.5 in the basement sump for now, and the aforementioned Quiet One 6000, and have been playing around with Durso/Stedman type standpipes to quiet things down.  It looks like things should work out except, the Pentair pump is pretty far from being QUIET and will have to be replaced since it is far too noisy in my living room. <<Yes, have heard this before about this/these pumps>> I have contacted Pentair in this regard and am waiting to hear back but, alas, I think I will have to get a different pump. <<Agreed>> So, after finding a few reviews, I am considering a Pan World 200PS (which I think is the same, more or less, as the Blue Line HD70). <<Yes>> They seem to be sort of a knock-off of an Iwaki, only quieter (but quiet enough?) and more affordable. <<Not "seem to be"...is...  Though neither stands up to a "Japanese motored" Iwaki in my opinion.  I have seen Japanese motored Iwaki 100s that you almost had to put your hand on to determine they were running.  But that said, I know reefers who swear by the Pan World and Blue Line pumps...though I think just about anything is going to be "noticeable" in your living room...to some degree>> Does anyone there have an opinion on this pump or have suggestions on another 'in-stand/in-the-living room pump'? <<GRI (Gorman-Rupp Industries) produces "relatively" quiet and powerful pumps of good quality.  The GRI-520 would be a good replacement for the Quiet One 6000.  But the Pan World/Blue Line are cheaper (quality and price) alternatives>> I've looked at some reviews for Gen-x/Mak which suggest they are loud, and the Dolphins seem too big. <<Agreed>> Poseidon is rated as almost silent but may not be big enough.  Sequence may also be an option, but are these last two magnetic drive? <<Direct drive I believe...and though quiet (or quieter, maybe), I have heard of heat problems with these last two pumps>> Is direct-drive inherently quieter than magnetic drive? <<No...but should handle head pressure better>> Would this present a problem with salt creep through the seals? <<Would depend on the quality of the pump I think, but if designed for saltwater use...probably not>> It's a lot of questions, I know, but I am not really sure how quiet I can expect a pump to be, since my last reef used powerheads for circulation and I don't have experience with external pumps other than the unfortunate not-so-Quiet One 6000. <<Understood...I had the same problem when I built my in-wall display in my living room.  I ended up opting for a smallish submerged model return pump (Mag 12), and am utilizing Tunze Stream pumps for circulation.  The couple degrees temp increase from the submerged pumps can usually be handled quite easily with small fans positioned to blow across the surface of the water in your tank/sumps...and 12v "computer" fans are virtually silent>> Thank You For Any Insight You Can Provide; <<I hope it has been helpful, EricR>> John T. P.S.:  If you think this is an expensive hobby, I live on the Canadian side of Lake Ontario.  Prices from suppliers up here are nearly double what they are in the U.S. <<Yes, have heard this>> And, Big Als won't take the Quiet One back, so I'll have to E-Bay it, in which case, "it's a great pump and anyone would be happy with it!"   <<Mmm, buyer beware indeed!  Regards, EricR>>

Inline pump questions  1/16/06 Hello again Crew- <Hello Brent> I want to upgrade my current Pondmaster Mag-Drive Model 7 unit (700 GPH) with a Pan World 100PX-X (1270GPH).  Details for what I want to setup are below.  Is there a difference in the amount of heat transferred to the water between these two pumps? <Not familiar with the Pan World.>
And, can the Pan World (or other similar type pump) pass copepod/amphipod sized creatures without turning them into a puree?
<You may lose a few but most should survive.  I wouldn't expect many would enter the intake.>  
What are the advantages to these pumps (Pan World, Iwaki, Little Giant) in general?
<As I mentioned, not familiar with Pan World.  Iwaki's are a quieter and a little more energy efficient than the Little Giants.  I think the Quiet One pumps are pretty energy efficient and quiet for their modest cost.  The 4000 model puts out 1017 gph with a maximum 10' head and draws 50 watts.  A similar Little Giant will draw 100 watts.  I always look for the wattage draw when selecting a pump as the lower this is the less heat transfer there is.> Currently I have a 100 g. tank setup, but will soon be adding an additional 55 g. refugium tank.  I want to use one pump acting as the return for both tanks, keeping the possibility of flooding to a minimum in the event of a power outage/pump failure.  I will install a T-joint off the new pump (using a ball regulator for lower current in the refugium tank).  Likewise, each tank will have an external overflow connected via a T-joint at my sump.
<Better to run these individually.>
I'm still not sure if I will make the two tanks sit at the same level or not. This and related topics will need to wait for another message.  I'm glad you guys and gals are here to help!! <Well thank you.  James (Salty Dog)> Thanx, <You're welcome.> Brenton, San Francisco

Pump recommendation Hello all and thank you for the great site you have. I am a regular visitor and have used your site for a lot of my decision. I am wanting to see what you would suggest for me to get. I currently have a POS CA pump that I am using for my return from my sump. This unit does not move anywhere near enough water and has problems starting back up after it is turned off for any reason.
<A pain... have had this experience myself.>
I am currently looking at a Quiet One 4000HH pump to use for my return. I am needing good water movement at a head of around 5' or so. Could you recommend a good pump for me to use.
<I do know this pump has recently gone through a design/supply change - the earlier models we're ideally suited to saltwater aquaria... am not familiar with the new ones, but hopefully Pentair has learned from their past experience.>
I have a 55G reef tank with lots of polyps, mushrooms and rose bulb anemones. I am currently using a SCWD to switch the return from side to side in the tank. I saw where you recommend having about a 15 x tank capacity for water movement.
<Ideally, even more would be great but you don't have to accomplish this all with one pump... can be done just as easily with a medium sized return pump and powerheads inside the tank. Think there is an Eheim pump out there that might suit your needs - these are very efficient with the electricity.>
Also the CA pump is putting way to much heat into my water and is a bit noisy. Please let me know what you think.
<Are many choices out there, best to check into one of the many reef forums out there and get opinions from folks about what they are using.>
Thanks. Wayne <Cheers, J -- >


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