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FAQs about RK2 Skimmers 

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Re: MTC HSA-250 Protein Skimmer, RK2 sourcing...
The problem is that you cannot take apart the base section. You can only break down the header section, above the main cylinder. They have to models of the HAS-250. One of them appears to have bolts at the base,
<Ah, yes... the white, plastic bits shown... a pain to get all put back evenly...>
but my unit does not. How could MTC design a skimmer that cannot be cleaned?
<Poor engineering, design... Look to superlative brands... e.g. the new RK2 line... so well thought out that all comes apart for "field repairs" w/o tools... Very well thought out. If it were me/mine, I'd sell this turkey and get a better unit. Much cheaper in the long haul in terms of cost per function... the pump/electrical cost... is much more a consideration than the unit itself. Cheers just the same, BobF>

Re: MTC HSA-250 Protein Skimmer...   11/30/08
Can you point me at any vendors for this?
<? Can be easily done with a search tool... I see Dr.s Foster and Smith, Custom Aquatic... and others offer these>
Also, can you suggest a price range I should look for with this RK2? Does it have an external collection container?
<... Don't know re pricing... and yes to the cup... B>

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