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FAQs on Chemical Reactors Marine in Filtration

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Biopellets; reactors     4/24/18
Good afternoon Bob,
<Hey John>
I was wondering if you had an opinion on whether or not a recirculating feature on a biopellet reactor was really all that important?
<Well, such a feature (recirculating) can be of use w/ any media feed... promotes more dissolving (so absorption), better for folks who want "more">
I built a really nice pellet reactor for my 750 gallon. It’s 6” x 22” and all acrylic. It’s busy a basic down draft style via external pump and then the effluent just exits the reactor. Would there be a benefit of investing the time to convert it to a recirculating style?
<Being an experimental sort (and a cheap skate) I'd try yours as is... Maybe consider modifying later>
As always, thank you.
<Thank you for sharing. Bob Fenner>
Re: Biopellets    4/24/18

Cool. Thanks Bob. Hope the knee is on the mend.
<Thank you John... a bit more; and am (finally!) in to see my primary today. A litany (written list this time) of questions, concerns. Cheers, BobF>

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