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FAQs about Commercial Tanks By Manufacturer/Brand: Red Sea Max

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All-in-one vs. custom setup; reef       9/30/14
Hi Crew,
I’m in the early planning stages of my first reef tank after having kept a
freshwater community followed by an African cichlid tank successfully. I’m currently considering the Red Sea Max 250 system
<A very nice unit>
for this attempt as I
don’t have experience with and am a little hesitant to jump into a sump system. I’m wondering if you would agree with this approach or if you think I’ll get better experience/results by building a sump system piece-by-piece?
<Either approach will be fine>
One hang-up on the all-in-one is that I would like to
incorporate a refugium at some point and I’m not sure I can do that with the Red Sea Max without significantly modifying the system.
<Not that much of a modification really... can be run externally; elsewhere; w/o much trouble>
As always, your
help is deeply appreciated.
Billy in Boston
<Welcome. BobF, back in S. Cal.>

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