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FAQs about the Regal Angel Health

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by Robert (Bob) Fenner

bob fenner help me regal angel! please please please!!    /Earl?        5/4/16
hi I'm Italian sorry for my English..
I have a regal angel for 7 years in the reef aquarium, I'm four days That A big red thing in your mouth and not eats..
I would save it but i don't know the solution.
He will go alone ? I should treat him to another tank ?
And how?
I attach the photos and I really hope you can help me ..
It is like a son to me after all these years
Thank you so much , Arnaldo
<This seems like something that became stuck in its mouth, that he tried to eat. More pictures would be useful. Bob?>
bob fenner help me regal angel! please please please!!     /RMF       5/4/16

hi I'm Italian sorry for my English..
<No worries. I understand you>
I have a regal angel for 7 years in the reef aquarium, I'm four days That A big red thing in your mouth and not eats..
<I agree w/ Earl's statement re this likely being a physical injury. The fish has tried to consume something that has damaged the mouth/buccal cavity>
I would save it but i don't know the solution.
He will go alone ? I should treat him to another tank ?
<I'd leave the fish where it is; far less stress than moving it... and really, just do your best to provide stable, optimized conditions>
And how?
I attach the photos and I really hope you can help me ..
It is like a son to me after all these years
Thank you so much , Arnaldo
<I do hope this Pygoplites rallies. Bob Fenner>

Re: bob fenner help me regal angel! Please please please!!       5/4/16
unfortunately now the fish is almost always hidden..un few weeks ago it seemed avese a small filament that came out of his mouth..Now does not eat anymore, It seems like he putrefaction in the mouth, as something gelatinous white and red..and it is also impossible to catch..i enclose another pair of similar pictures , then if I can to make
you the other will send..I'm really too many sorry for my regal angel..
<Mmm; again; it likely bit down on... a Bristleworm? Crustacean? That perforated the mouth... Only time can tell if this fish will self-heal. Bob Fenner>

Re: bob fenner help me regal angel! Please please please!!      5/5/16
so I do not treat him advice in another tank with antibiotics ?
<I would not... too likely to do more harm than good>
Whatever the cause ? However as soon as I try to do some better pictures with the
camera .. Thank you so much, Arnaldo
<Real good. Bob Fenner>

Re: bob fenner help me regal angel! Please please please!!      5/5/16
I think it's just an infection and than yesterday also accelerated breathing I have recommended iodine triple dose for three days in the tank ... what do you think ?
<Iodide/ate won't hurt. BobF>
thank you..
I added in the tank even garlic extract..
Re: bob fenner help me regal angel! Please please please!!      5/5/16

unfortunately after seven years my fish died..It took only four days of infection .. yet he was big and fit .. I'm very sad but it's gone so ..
thanks again
<Ah; sorry for your loss. On examining the fish, was "something" stuck in the mouth?
Bob Fenner>
R: bob fenner help me regal angel! Please please please!!      5/5/16

The inside of the mouth was all red like the pictures .. I think the infection is also passed through some organ otherwise would have died after three days of fasting .. Yesterday seemed like drugged and bumped against the rocks
<I see. Again, thank you for sharing. BobF>
Re: bob fenner help me regal angel! Please please please!!      5/5/16

Thank you for having responded to me
<A pleasure. BobF>

Mouth Sore on Large Angelfish    3/11/14
Hi Bob,
I very recently purchased a regal angelfish from a local supplier and while has been in my QT tank for around 2 days now and just this morning i noticed a lesion/sore on its mouth and a little missing tissue on both gills.
<Yikes... likely damage from collection, holding, shipping>

The mouth sore seems to be swollen with some tissue missing as well. There is nothing in that QT except a few pipes to hide in and a sponge filter along with some air stones. The angelfish, since i recently acquired, it isn't eating yet and I of course don't want to lose him. This sore is the reason I am sure that he is not eating.
<Likely so... I would be putting in, rotating in some very healthy live rock pieces for its eating et al.>
I started treating with quinine sulfate on day 1 when i got him for preventive maintenance against Ich which is what I always do before i add any fish into my FOWLR. Aside from that, I have not added anything else into the tank. I am not sure what else could have caused this. I was reading on WWM and it seems most consistent with some sort of bacterial infection. Is this assessment correct and if so, how do I get him better?
<Just ultra good care, low-stress, and optimized, stable conditions... and offering a wide mix of foods in small quantities...>
Thank you and any advice would be greatly appreciated.
<I wish you life. Bob Fenner>
Re: Mouth Sore on Large Angelfish        3/11/14

Yeah, I did also think it was from shipping. The strange thing was that the first day he was there, he was totally fine. All the damage came out on day 2.
 Is that still possibly from shipping?
 I contacted the supplier and they said they put copper on all their tanks even on the angelfish. Could that possibly also be the cause?
<Is a contributor; yes>
Thank you again for the advice! 
Ryan Uy
<Mabuhay, BobF>

Re: Fwd: Need a parasite ID/treatment recommendation     11/21/13
I've ordered a microscope online, as I haven't had any luck at local stores. While we wait for that to arrive (for the mucus analysis), I have another issue on this fish to address.
When I first got her, I noticed a reddish swollen area on the pelvic fin.
<I see... in your pix... Likely collection damage... thwacked with a net>

I wrote this off as receding Lympho or a slight injury during the shipping process. The other day, directly above this on the body of the fish, a vertical linear area became swollen and the scales were literally pushing outwards. When the fish was at the right angle, I could see gaps between rows of scales because they were raised. On the second day of observing this raised area, it became inflamed and I saw white "things" coming out from under the scales. Due to some twitching I have also observed, I decided to perform a FW bath with temp/ph adjusted water. After 3 minutes or so in the dip, this white material began to seep out from the infected area (see photos).  She handled the dip well (I went for 10 minutes), and this morning is eating clam on the half shell. However, she has also developed the same infection on her other side in almost the same area. I have attached pictures of my observations, including a few of her eating the clam so you can see the degree of the swelling from a straight-on angle. I feel that she needs antibiotics, but would like a second opinion on an appropriate course of action.
<The usual: just good care (optimized/stable), and nutrition....>
As far as Liveaquaria is concerned, I agree 100% on their quality and customer service. They have seen these pictures and are handling the issue internally.
<Ah, good>
Thank you very much
<Welcome. BobF>


Re: Fwd: Need a parasite ID/treatment recommendation     11/24/13
Unfortunately the regal angel did not make it. The infected area went from looking like simple injury, to Uronema over the course of two days.

The wound remained swollen until yesterday, then it began bleeding heavily and the fish was shedding scales quickly, exposing what you see now this morning. Can you diagnose this without a scraping?
<Not really no; more guess-work... the fish looks almost "girdled" in the injury zone... as if it were caught in a gill net>
I plan to bleach the quarantine tank and let it sit empty for a period of time to sterilize it. Thanks in advance. Post-mortem pictures are attached.
<Thank you for sharing. Bob Fenner>

Question on Regal Angel. Sm., hlth. rdg.       8/15/13
To whom it may concern,
I have a Philippine Regal Angel for over a month now. He's extremely active and eats absolutely everything!! He is only 2 inches big but challenges my 9 inch Dussimieri Tang to food. He's in a 240 gallon tank with tons of live rock. He even eats right out of my hand.
<Ah good>
For the past two weeks he has had one eye clouded up and popped out. I have been treating main tank with professional strength MelaFix
<... worthless; worse than worthless. Other than a pine-scent fresh smell, you may well be subtending nitrification. Throw it away>

 and doing about a 70 gallon water change weekly from surface of tank. I have been dosing it a bit stronger than recommended. His eye hasn't gotten 100% better as of yet.
Still cloudy but you can start seeing his eye again.
<Will cure (if it will) on its own; with simple good care/conditions.
Highly likely simple damage through collection and handling...>
Any suggestions of what I could do?
<... READ: on WWM, re Pygoplites, eye conditions/damage>
I am afraid if I put him in a quarantine tank that he will quickly die.
<Do search ahead of writing us please. Bob Fenner>

Regal Angel Lips 11/1/11
Hey guys-
Hoping you could possibly offer a visual diagnosis of what is going on with this regal angel.
<Mmm, looks like it has lost some flesh around the mouth... chewing or rubbing on? Maybe the net when it was captured, the cubicle it was kept in prior to shipping a couple times...>
Picture is attached. I've only had him for a couple weeks. He is in a QT tank with some Chromis.
He ate mysis and pellets the first days, and now has stopped eating, but he will pick at some clam on the half shell.
I am treating with quinine sulfate for Ich that I believe was brought in by the Chromis on the same shipment.
He has already been thru PraziPro
<Mmm, well, I'd expedite this fish through quarantine... get it out of the QS and into the main tank. Hopefully the apparent mouth damage will heal in time for it to resume feeding, sustain itself. Bob Fenner>


Re: Regal Angel Lips 11/1/11
Thanks for the advise <advice>. I cannot remove it from the QS until he goes thru the full treatment. I only started QS 3 days ago and there are still a couple Ich spots.
He looks to have some weight on him and as soon as the QS treatment is over (a week longer maximum), he will be moved to the display tank.
<Thanks for this further input. BobF> 

Disease Diagnosis   5/9/11
I have a Regal Angel (from Divers Den) in my 40g QT that I received on 4/28 (Thurs.)...looked fine, and eating live Tubifex worms.
The tank also housed a Powder Blue Tang with Lymphocystis.
<Mmm, I would not quarantine Pygoplites, and definitely not quarantine anything w/ Acanthurus leucosternon>
About 4 days later, I noticed on the left rear dorsal fin what looks like fungus or bacteria. I treated with Maracyn-2 but not much change.
Now it is more fluffy but not spreading, and I tried a couple of days of Furan-2...no apparent change.
<Why would, did you do this?>
I am also now noticing what appears to be the start of a few spots similar to Lymphocystis on the caudal fin.
So, I am beginning to think what looks like bacteria (also treated with Quinine Sulfate for three days), is actually Lymphocystis.
Have you seen anything that looks like this?
<Like what? The pix? Yes... Lymphocystis>
<I would summarily dip/bath the Angel, place it elsewhere; if you have nowhere else in the main display. Bob Fenner>

Marine Ich? Regal Angel   12/25/08 First of all, Merry Christmas. <Happy Holidays to you and yours, John. Minh at your service.> Anyway, I got Regal Angel a few days ago and he seems to have a few white specks on his pectoral fins. How can I tell if this is an ich outbreak, and if so, what should I then do? <Please review this link for identification, life cycle details and treatment on "Marine Ich" or Cryptocaryoniasis: http://www.wetwebmedia.com/ichartmar.htm. Furthermore, if you have not yet seen this guide, here is an excellent page with information on issues that you may encounter while caring for your beautiful but challenging Regal Angel: http://www.wetwebmedia.com/marine/fishes/angels/pygoplites/faqs.htm.> Thanks <You're welcome, and good luck. Minh Huynh>

Regal Angel with pop eye 10/16/07 Hi Crew, <Kan> Good Evening <And to you> My regal angel, still under Cupramine QT developed pop eye on one side. It is feeding OK, although not as vigorous as before he got the pop eye. <To be expected...> After trawling your website, I discovered that Epsom salt will help to alleviate the pop eye. Will it have any adverse effect if I add Epsom salt to the water that has already been dosed with Cupramine ? <Mmm... not much, no> I already did a 25% water change yesterday but the pop eye did not improve. I am planning another 25% water change tomorrow and hope the situation will improve. The angel is about 7 inches and takes about 3 to 4 New Life Spectrum 3mm pellets together with 2 to 3 very small pieces of Ocean Nutrition frozen angel formula daily. Is this enough to keep him going ? <Hopefully so> Thanks for reading my longish mail Regards, Kan TY <I would move this Pygoplites back to larger, more stable quarters as soon as expedient... The Popeye will cure itself in time. Bob Fenner>
Re: Regal Angel with pop eye  11/07/07
Dear Bob Thanks for your reply below. The pop eye has since recovered. <Ah, good> Just one week ago, he was infested with gill flukes and stopped feeding for a few days, a Prazi based medication was administered and I am happy to say that he started eating again. <Good> Although he feeds well now on a diet of NLS 3mm pellets, Ocean Nutrition Angel frozen formula, Nori sheets and Hikari Marine "A" pellets, he does not seem to be gaining weight. The area behind the eyes is by no means "pinched" but it is not as convex when compared to another 3" regal whom I have in the display tank. Other than not gaining weight, he is in good shape and inquisitive. Is there something to worry about or am I just being paranoid? Thanks <Best to act on being concerned... I would offer more food, more often... Do you use "mud" in your filtration... have a sump/refugium? This might well help here. Bob Fenner>

Regal Angel HLLE 3/19/07 Hello Wet Web Crew. I hope all is well. <Quite well, thanks.> I wanted to provide some input (maybe beneficial to some reader out there is the same boat) about a recent experience I had with a Regal Angel and IMO a 'miracle product'. <I usually hate that term but I cheated and read ahead, and am in agreement.> About 6 weeks ago, I obtained a regal angel from a tank at a restaurant that I frequent. The little guy was not looking healthy and had the beginning signs of HLLE. I spoke to the owner of the establishment and provided my observations. I told him that these fish are difficult at best to care for. He explained to me that they have a company come in every two weeks to service that tanks and he would let them know. I went back a week later and the situation was the same. I spoke to the owner and asked if I could take the fish. He agreed and I went the next day (before opening) and got the fish. <Good for you and the owner.>  I brought him home and placed him in QT for 3 weeks. <Good to hear.>  Initially, I could not get him to eat anything (I believe this also to be the problem at the restaurant). I tried Mysis, frozen angel formula, Nori, flakes, Formula products, fresh shrimp, clams, and squid. He would not eat anything. He would pick at LR, but that is about it. I was out of options, until I was cleaning out a cabinet where I store my dry products and came across some New Life Spectrum Marine Formula pellets. I think that these were about a year old, as I had not been feeding them to any of my tanks at the time. I had nothing to lose at this point and dropped a few in the QT tank. I watched them sink to the bottom and the regal was uninterested. I came back a while later, and noticed that they were gone. I dropped a few more in the tank and the regal went nuts. I started feeding him 3 times a day with the pellets. He was doing so well on the pellets, that I started feeding all of my tanks the pellets. He has now been in my 210 gal main display tank for 3 weeks now and is doing awesome. His color has returned, no signs of HLLE, and he is now eating Cyclop-eeze along with his pellets. Aside form that, all of my fish never looked so good.  IMO, the New Life Spectrum line is absolutely amazing stuff. This food should be a staple for anyone who owns a marine tank period. I have also started feeding my sun polyps the small fish formula and they seem to love it also. This stuff is truly incredible. I hope that someone from the New Life Company reads this. They should be proud of this product. Best Regards, Dean Oliver <I agree, I really love this food.  All our tanks, both fresh and salt water get this line.  Makes a great staple food, some even claim to feed it exclusively, although I still won't go quite that far.  But don't minimize your work either, the QTing allowed the fish a chance to start eating which would not have happened if competing with tankmates.  Congratulations on your success with this difficult fish and thanks for sharing your story.> <Chris>

Getting It Right With A Regal Thank you from your last response on the clown trigger. I really appreciate this. <Glad that we were helpful to you!> I absolutely love your web page because all the details that you put into your articles. <We love writing 'em and sharing /learning with our readers!> So I didn't buy the clown trigger, but as my last fish, I purchased a small regal from my buddy Brenda at Greenwoods Pets and Plants.  She had quarantined it for several weeks when she got it and then she put it in her display tank with a light copper mix solution.  She had it doing very well, it feeds great and is quite active. I found out its from the Philippines.  I bought it today and I placed it in my display tank and it looks great it acts the same as it did at her store. It had even started to feed just a couple of hours after I put it in. <That's great to hear! Half the battle is getting a specimen that was properly collected, and begins to feed in captivity. Surprisingly, this Philippine specimen seems to be making it! Now, I still think that you should have quarantined it in your home for a few weeks, but at least your dealer sounds pretty conscientious...Watch the fish carefully> The only thing that worries me is I saw a very small red dot on its tail (close to the body in between the ridges). It is barely noticeable.  What do you think that is? <Well, it could possibly be parasitic in nature...Keep observing it carefully. You may want to try a rather simple series of freshwater dips to see if this has any positive effects...> What food would you recommend I feed it so it doesn't develop any deficiencies and instead becomes a long lived fish?   <A varied diet, with lots of fresh seafood, algae, and sponge. Ocean Nutrition's "Angel Formula" contains sponge, and would be an ideal food to form the basis of his captive diet. Good diet, excellent water conditions, and low stress will keep this fish in great shape.> Also one other question: My porcupine puffer is occasionally grabbed by mouth of my lion fish and then is released. <Wow- not too nice of him> I have notice on one of his fins some patches that look like scabs like as if he injured himself. I've seen it before and it seems like it goes away on its own.  What do you think that might be? <Again, hard to say without seeing the fish, but it may just be some "bumps and bruises", so to speak, from his encounters with the lionfish...Keep a close eye on him to make sure that they do not become infected, or cause some other discomfort for the fish. Take action if it becomes necessary> Thanks so much for all your help. Sincerely, Christopher Faiola <Glad to be of service! Good luck with your Regal! Scott F>

Frayed Fins and Regal Angel Hey Guys, Hope all is well?  <Cheers, Gillian... wishing you the same in kind. Anthony Calfo>  I have a question about my regal angel, which I have had for over a year now. I noticed about two weeks ago that the regal fins (pectoral, dorsal and tail) has began to fray. Kind of like something has been taking little bites out of it. I have been watching to observe aggression form other tank mates, but has seen none. I am wondering if its a disease and anything to cause concern. It not very bad, but just unusual for this beautiful fish. He eats ok, any I have observed no other problems at this time. All foods are soaked with Zo? Zoecon and garlic extreme. Please offer any advise.  <I have several things in mind. The first is that the symptoms are a secondary infection expressed by a compromised immune system from a limited diet. It is so very common with this fish. Problems with Regals like many other challenging species in captivity is not that they don't eat, but that they don't survive on what they eat. The ones that survive initial import will live for 6-12 months on prepared food before dying of complications from a dietary deficiency. This would be a very likely problem in your case especially if you do not have a Red Sea or Maldivian species (the Orange-throat Regal). It is wonderful that you soak the fishes' food in vitamins, but if the fish is only eating one or two foods (guaranteed the case if one is brine shrimp) then the fish is dying like most. The captive diet just cannot replace the wild one thus far with this species and we are looking at the culmination of attrition from a net daily deficit in appropriate nutritive sustenance. Now if this is not the case and your fish is eating 4-6 or more foods (most anything you put in like a clown or tang) then we should look at a curable pathogenic organism. Regardless, I would advise you to remove the fish to a quiet QT tank and be prepared to use antibiotics (but no copper). Even "Quick Cure" or Formalin would be therapeutic > Thanks, hope you all are having a good weekend.  <best regards with this beautiful fish. Anthony>
Re: Frayed Fins and Regal Angel
Hi Anthony, Thanks for your reply. Mine is a Red Sea regal angel and a feed the variety pack of frozen foods.  <good to hear it!> Formula I, II, Brine shrimp, Reef formula etc... you know the rest better than I do. Occasionally I offer live mussels as a treat. I really think it's getting a fair mixture of foods, as the frozen variety package offers a couple, I try to feed different types each feeding,  <overall sounds very good> but in any case is their a specific type of food you recommend for this species, even a home made formula.  <no definitive recipe out there that I know of... do keep up with the variety and look over the thread on favorite homemade recipes in the forum as well as in Bobs book CMA and archives on this site. Homemade foods can be superior!> Also any specific vitamins besides Zo? And Zoecon that you recommend. <I do not favor/disfavor either of the above. I have been very satisfied to use Selcon for many years> The only other thing I can thing of is about 5 mths ago this fish had flukes which I treated and have shown no signs in recent times besides the frayed fins. Since my last email it has not gotten any worst but no better. Again it's not bad at all, but I pay close attention to any visible changes and act accordingly. I hoping I can save this fish without having to catch him out of the 125 gallon reef, to quarantine. For past experiences, it doesn't eat without having live rocks or familiar surroundings, so I am trying to avoid this. The fish still eats very well I feed once per day and it grazes an algae and other critters from the live rock.  <you might try Metronidazole in the foods then (Seachem sells it in dry powder to add to food)> Some mornings I offer pellets, Kent has a new brand for herbivores and carnivores, I mix those two, but he doesn't care for pellets.  <Nor do I for the brand/type> My tank has been set up for about 18mths and I have had this fish for a little over a year. Hope this better helps analyze my situation. Thanks a bunch. Gillian <indeed... our very best regards... and do use the Quarantine tank if you must... really a very direct and appropriate method of treatment. Anthony>

Quarantine Tank Hello, Hope all is well? I have a question, a couple of weeks ago I emailed you all and Anthony responded to my inquiry. I had to do with treating my Red Sea Regal Angel for frayed fins. Well Anthony suggested that a quarantine tank and formalin treated might do the trick and he thought it was due to a secondary infection. Well my question is how long can a 20gallon quarantine tank run with aqua Clear 802 power head. The primary purpose of treatment is to dose with formalin to rid the fish of any parasites, which might be causing the fins and tail to fray. Also to try to improve the fish's diet, by offering a variety of foods soaked with vitamins. The set up of the tank is water from the display tank, some small pieces of live rock which I know will die from treatment, but I am trying to keep the fish happy, as it doesn't eat if not around live rock. Some substrate (Crushed coral & live sand mix from display tank). Will the power head be enough for these conditions, for about a month or do I actually need a filter. Considering I will be feeding frequently and the fact that ammonia may increase from the live rock and sand dying eventually. <Really not the best/most appropriate setup for a quarantine tank. Please read through this page http://www.wetwebmedia.com/quaranti.htm and some of the linked FAQ files.> Also any ideas as to what foods to offer this species, it eats just about any frozen foods, but doesn't care for pellets. <A mix of many different foods is best. You can read Bob's tips on these fish here http://www.wetwebmedia.com/pygoplit.htm> thanks Gillian <You are welcome. -Steven Pro>

Flukes (and success with a Sweetlips!) Hi Bob, Happy new year, sorry to bother you so early, but I have a question. My Red Sea regal angel, for some time now I have noticed that every now and then gets some, splinter like white things from it's body, Sometimes from the head, or body. They stay on for about two days or sometimes as the day progresses they disappear. I didn't worry about it because the fish continues to be the beauty of the display. Normal behavior and eating as usual. Is there a cure for this, how can I treat it and will it eventually kill the fish.  <Mmm, perhaps this is a trematode... I would try a facultative cleaner here... first a Lysmata species of shrimp... not likely to kill the fish outright (the flukes), but debilitating, perhaps disfiguring just the same...> I was on the WWM last night and that how I kind of determined the fish as flukes. Please offer advice this is my most prized fish. Also, can adding copper to a system cause a fish to stop eating or not as much as before. <Absolutely... copper cancels much of "smell, taste" sensations> I added copper to my quarantine tank, which has a Sweetlips and Kole tang for Ick. The Kole tang still eats, but the Sweetlips has stopped.  <Yikes... Sweetlips aren't easily kept... as you know from looking over WWM no doubt... not good that yours has ceased feeding... would move it ASAP to a non-coppered, less-stressful setting> He will put food in his mouth but not swallow. The Ick has cleared it's been about 7 days now, do you think I should add carbon back to the system or do a water change. I think the copper has curbed his appetite. Thanks for the advice, Bob and hope all is well. Gillian <Much to "judge" in the way of presumed benefits/risks in our hobbies... Bob Fenner>
Re: Flukes
So Bob, you're saying there is a possibility that the Sweetlips may not eat again. <Unfortunately, this is the common plight: http://www.wetwebmedia.com/haemulid.htm> I will remove the copper at once. Is there any way to totally get rid of flukes on the regal angel. <Hopefully this is a digenetic species, needing an intermediate host species or two... and will "cycle out" on its own... otherwise the Cleaner may eradicate it> What about good water quality. I have some cleaner shrimp, but they are lazy, they hide when the fish go next to them. I don't think they'll help. To me the flukes appear to be internal, when they pop through the skin of the fish. Are there any other treatment options for flukes. What do you mean when you say the fish will debilitated. I don't want this Bob, help me Thanks <Not likely "popping out, through"... there are some chemical treatments, but I would try another cleaner... maybe a Larabicus wrasse... Bob Fenner>
Re: Flukes
Well it was about 3 inches when I got first. A lot of personality, that's what attracted me to it at first. It had been in the store for about 2 weeks before I got it and was eating brine shrimp. I am good friends with the owner of the store and always ask them to hold fish for at least a week before I take it home. <A good practice> Anyway I fed mostly frozen formula one and two, sometimes angel formula for variety. It would eat dried green sea weed. Sometimes live mussels for a treat. Didn't care for flakes or krill.  <Me neither> Liked a whole cube of frozen food and not crushed. Would eat from your hand or nip fingers when doing water changes. This is by far one of the most intelligent fish I have ever had. I would compare it to Oscars (freshwater) which I had for many years. This fish is now well over 7 inches, incredible growth rate and it now has brighter coloration. I really hope I can save this one. I haven't killed a fish in while. That would be tough. Let me know if you any more info. Gillian <My fave source location. http://www.wetwebmedia.com/pygoplit.htm  Bob Fenner>

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