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FAQs on Seawater, Synthetic or Natural, Re-Use

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De-snowing paths with fish-tank water -- 12/19/10
Hi Crew
Very quick, if somewhat bizarre question:
Can I use waste water from a tropical marine tank to de-snow/de-ice pathways outside, without it turning into a sheet of ice?
<Mmm... worth trying. I suspect it will/would solidify at a lower temperature than "just fresh"... and it's likely got plenty of kinetic energy in the way of heat... Just make sure the salts don't end up washing into planted areas. Bob Fenner>
Many thanks
Follow-up To Use Waste Water To De-ice Paths 12/21/10

Hey guys,
My name is Chris, and I live in Toronto, Ontario. I just found your resource a few days ago, having recently started my first reef tank (questions to come, I promise). I saw in yesterday's faq, Joe asked about de-icing paths with waste water from a marine tank. Here in Toronto, part of our city's snow removal plan is a group of "saline" trucks, which drive around *before* a snow-fall and spray the roads with a salt water solution, to prolong the time before the roads become snow-covered. Generally speaking, a salt water solution isn't going to melt through existing ice (unless it's a pretty thin/airy freeze), but it can help prevent snow/ice build up, for a time. A splash of saline before a small snowfall could be
the difference between a few centimeters of snow build-up, and a clear walk.
Hope this helps, and thanks very much for all your hard work.
<Thank you for sharing, Chris. James (Salty Dog)>

Guinness for the next time I see you, recycling used seawater 4/24/2010
<Got my attn.>
Greeting WetWebbies.
Is there any way that marine water exchanged during a tank cleaning can be recycled other than sending it down the drain?
<Mmm, yes... depending on "what" is now added or "missing"... such water can be "reconditioned"... in "kiddie pools", what have you... New "trace" elements added, what can be done to remove unwanted organics... and re-used. Is it/this "worth your time?">
Concerned Fish Keeper
<Bob Fenner>

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