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FAQs about Rio/Taam Pumps for Circulation 

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Pump Selection For Remora Pro - 06/01/12
Good afternoon crew,
<<Good Morning Alicia>>
I am writing because I have a question I cannot find an answer to on the net.
I purchased a used Remora Pro HOB skimmer for my all-in-one 60 gallon flat-back hex tank. It came with a Mag 5 pump, which I had to squeeze through the acrylic overflow openings (breaking some of the teeth). After much tweaking and fussing with the pump in order for it to fit the skimmer's intake nozzle, I got it running, but the pump vibrates loudly.
<<Mmm…perhaps due for a new impellor>>
So I was wondering if it would be prudent to run it with a Rio 1100 pump instead.
<<One sure way to tell…>>
I know that these skimmers are supposed to run with a Mag 3 or a Rio 1400, but I have a new 1100 available, not a 1400.
<<Then I say…try it and see!>>
A quick look at the flow chart tells me that at 1 ft. head (actual distance from the pump to my skimmer), a 1100 pushes 352 gph, whereas a 1400 does 367 gph. Does the 15 gph difference actually make a difference?
<<It could…though these figures are likely “generous” at best anyway and will be affected in different ways by the varying conditions of the installation, age/condition of the pumps, et al>>
Can I run this skimmer with a Rio 1100 instead?
<<I think it’s worth a try…what have you to lose?>>
By the way, my tank is somewhat heavily stocked with various corals and fish, albeit small, however, I feed daily.
<<Install the pump and see how the skimmer performs. If not up to par, do contact Jason and Steve at Aqua-C (info@proteinskimmer.com ), the makers of the skimmer. I know these guys, and they will do their best to help you match a suitable pump to the skimmer and your system>>
Thank you in advance for your help!
<<Happy to share… EricR>>

Re: Toby and Humu....who is more aggressive to new additions? Rio/Taam Pumps input   1/12/12
Thank you for your detailed reply. I DO have a football sized ball of Chaeto in the 55 gal sump under a 6700k compact fluorescent.
<Ah, good>
PLEASE update me on your warning about the Rio 17HF pump. My dealer has two in his tank and I love the silent running and good flow.
<Have had and heard issues with the brand period. Put the search string: "Rio/Taam Pump problems" in Google or such and read... a particular citation here: http://www.reefland.com/forum/equipment-archives/3251-rio-pumps-junk-throw-yours-out-before-its-too-late.html
I have never heard anything bad, but if you can give me a hint of what the problem is AND A better replacement for flow in a 180 tank I will listen.
<See WWM re pump selection...>
The tank is in out TV room so quiet is best.

Shorted <yet another> Rio Pump Cleanup after electrical failure.   3/26/10
Aloha WWM crew-
<Hi John.>
I woke up this morning to find one of my Rio 600 circulation pumps had shorted inside the aquarium.
My Percula Clown and Blue Damsel were already dead (the banded coral shrimp was stunned but seemed to be still alive) and the water stunk of electrical fire. Boo!
<The magic smoke was let out of the pump and into the water.>
I quickly did a 50% water change today, and plan on another 50% tomorrow.
I installed new carbon in the filters which I plan to remove and replace sooner than quick! Other than the massive water changes and carbon filters, what else, if anything, can I do to clean up my now "Exxon Valdez" infected water??
<The only other thing I would do at this point is to add Polyfilters to soak up any contaminants - particularly copper from the system..>
As it stands now, the banded coral shrimp is alive and seems to be less stunned after the water change. My invertebrates (a few colonies of various polyps and some undesirable Aiptasia) are half closed but seem to be trying to open back up. I do not have a quarantine tank and at the moment am stuck with the main display.
<Let me take the opportunity encourage the use of GFCIs
http://www.wetwebmedia.com/FWsubwebindex/FWGFIUseArt.htm >
Mahalo in advance for your help!
<My pleasure.>

Turboflotor T1000 Skimmer and appropriate gph return pump   12/18/06 Hi! <Hello there> I have a 150 gallon tank and recently purchased a Turboflotor T1000 skimmer with a RIO 2100 pump.  I plan to use the skimmer in sump and I have a couple of questions:  The directions for the skimmer said that it included a needle wheel to convert the RIO 2100 pump + powerhead.  However, no needlewheel was included in the box. <Mmm, do look inside the pump volute itself (screwdriver...)... is likely already installed... looks like a bunch of plastic spikes coming from the central spindle...> I looked at the pump (which I purchased separately) and I see a needle wheel already installed. <Oh!> Do you think that will work or should I contact the manufacturer? <I would use the needle-wheel one if available... though I do want to make a comment re the Rio line, the 2100 model in particular, and its application here (on/with skimmers)... This pump "suffers" from this application... "spinning" too quickly w/o the engineered resistance it might otherwise encounter... and often "burns out" prematurely... if/when yours does, I would replace it w/ another brand... See WWM re...> I'm not sure if AquaMedic didn't update their directions or if I still need a part. <Me neither... they have had some big changes in the West the last couple of years...> I also intend to use an overflow box to feed water into the skimmer. It appears they have a T-valve that connects the overflow input to the protein skimmer input.  It looks like the purpose of the RIO pump is to agitate the water in the skimmer.   <Yes... to mix air and water, deliver this to the contactor...> Do I need a pump to return water to the tank? <Mmm... how do you have this skimmer arranged? Can be placed to "dump" back into a tank, but many folks situate with their sump/refugium> And if so, how many gph should it be capable of handling? <... is rated... but a good "upper number" would be a hundred gallons or so... for the system itself... depending on other gear, livestock, feeding...> Thank you for any assistance you can provide. Laura <Please read here: http://www.wetwebmedia.com/turboskimfaqs.htm and here: http://www.wetwebmedia.com/pumpselmar.htm and the files linked at top. Bob Fenner>

Tank Temp with stronger Pump   2/1/06 Dear WWM Crew, <Glenn> I hate to bother you folks with my questions, but I've been unable to find the data I'm looking for.  My 75G Reef tank with LR & DSB has a single custom overflow. <Much better to have two...> The bulkhead is drilled in the back of the glass. This runs down the back and into the stand and into a 20G long sump/fuge. The return pump is a RIO 2100. With this, pump, a Mag  7(Remora), a Tunze 6060 , 2 Maxi Jet 1200's, heater, 4 HO T5 lights and 1 NO actinic bulb, the tank can reach 82F+ in a room at 75 - 78F. This is with only two hood fans to suck air through the back of the canopy and out the side. I would like to add a Gravity powered skimmer to the input chamber of my sump. <... have never seen one of these> I have the skimmer, but it will require more flow in order to work. That or a strong air pump and Lime Stone. Since my over flow cannot handle much more than 450 gph, I plan on redirecting some of the flow from a new return pump (Mag 9.5) to the skimmer. This plus what comes from the tank should be about 800 GPH. My concern is with the extra heat from the Mag 9.5(90W). The RIO 2100 runs at 25 Watts and I can keep my tank about 80 during the summer with a fan blowing on the sump. I'm afraid the Mag may be too much. I would have to tear down my reef to pull the sump out and drill it for an external pump. I would rather not do that. Question 1: Is there any data available that shows how much heat a specific pump raises water temperature in a given volume of water? <Mmm, only general, subjective as far as I know... though some inference can be made from Steven Pro's most recent CA article (on WWM) re pump efficiency... more watts consumed, more heat> Question 2: While searching your site for this data, I found a thread where someone asked how to run a cooler and quieter reef. You suggested placing the pump on insulating foam. Can that be safely used in the tank, or was it for external pumps only? <External> Thanks, Glenn <I would trade the Rio 2100 in here... read re "Pump Selection" FAQs on WWM. Bob Fenner>

Rio Pumps (3/8/04) I have a Rio 800 pump in my skimmer and two Rio 800's as power heads. I've added sponges to both the power heads in the tank to act as a mechanical filter. I'm glad I did because they really have trapped a lot of the floating garbage that was getting into the pumps. I'm still worried about my skimmer as it's been making a lot of noise. Not that they're very silent machines, LOL Thank you for your suggestions! Eileen :) <Happy to help. BTW, Rios do not enjoy a good reputation. Your skimmer might work better and be quieter with the MaxiJet AquaC offers as an alternative. Read more about Rios by searching on WWM. Steve Allen. PS  Do let me know how your Linckias hold up.>

Industry Contact Hello Bob, <Scott F. here today!> I came across your site while looking for the Rio brand manufacturer. Our company (micromark.com) is developing a product that requires the use of a miniature water pump to apply coolant in while machining metal. I can't seem to find the manufacturer anywhere. Do you have an address/phone number etc.? Or is there a US office/distributor? I would appreciate any help you can give me. Thanks. <Taam's address is: 5500 Adolfo Rd.  Camarillo, CA 93012  (805)383-3565 Hopefully, they can be of assistance to you! Regards, Scott F.>

Picking A Pump! Hi, <Hi there! Scott F. with you today!> My first choice for new pumps would be RIO, since I have 2 without any problems for 15 odd years. Since so many hobbyists have problems these days with RIO I changed my mind. I guess their quality is not what it used to be? <Actually, I think that RIO quality is better than it ever was. It seems to me that RIO pumps are so prevalent in the hobby, that almost everyone seems to have one. When you have millions of units out there, you're gonna have the most failures, too...Goes with the territory. They are not the highest quality units out there, but they are certainly not the worst, either!> Is GENX and SEN good pumps, are there any known problems with these 2 makes, do they last long, etc? <Both have good reputations. If you want indestructible powerheads, look to the higher-end Tunze Turbelles and Geminis. Good stuff...> What other good makes are there on the market? <As above. In my opinion, if you want a great, reliable, and long-lived pump (not powerhead)- look no further than Iwaki! I love 'em. Lots of other brands out there, so ask around and see what your friends are using!> Thanks Mohamed. <My pleasure! Regards, Scott F>

Rio Replacement...? Hello crew!!  Back in January I bought an Aqua C Remora Pro skimmer with a Rio pump for my quarantine tank and all was running well until the power went out for about a minute a few days ago.  The pump won't come back on even after taking it apart and cleaning the impeller and housing. <I hate it when that happens!> I contacted Aquatic Warehouse, where I bought the skimmer, about the problem and they said I needed to contact the manufacturer of the Rio pump about replacement of the impeller or the pump. Funny thing is they don't have the number so I can contact them.   My problem is I can't find any info on the net (Google) as to where I can contact the maker of the Rio pumps/powerheads for replacement.  Does the crew have an address or phone number of the Rio manufacturer so I can get a hold of them?  I would appreciated any assistance at all from any of The Crew.  Thanks again for all the help, Jeff <The manufacturer/distributor is TAAM, Inc. Their fax number is 805-383-3565...Hope this Helps...Scott F.>

Rio Pumps and TurboFlotor Skimmers Thanks for the GREAT site! I think I have read every page at least once and many pages multiple times. Based primarily on your advice, I purchased the TurboFlotor T1000 with Rio 2100 pump for my nascent 75 gallon reef. I did keep an eye on the Rio pump as recommended by many sources. Everything worked great until a power outage and the RIO did not restart and just sat in the sump making heat. I removed the needle-wheel impeller and tested the pump and sure enough it wouldn't restart after disconnecting the power to it. I went to Home Depot and purchased two nylon washers that fit the impeller shaft end that goes in the motor housing, reinstalled the needle-wheel impeller, and reassembled everything. After many tests and successful restarts, I left it alone for a while. This morning was our first power outage in months and sure enough, the Rio pump restarted as soon as the power came back on. The two $.50 nylon washers seems to fix the problem (at least this time). Monty <Thanks for the information! -Steven Pro>

Science Fair Help...Pump Selection <Hello, Ryan helping you today!> Hi!  I need help on my science project. I want to make a model of the circulatory system which is a closed system. Instead of just drawing the blood pathways, I thought it would be cool if I can use clear tubing and have some red-liquid (for blood) to go around and around.  Is there a micro battery pump out there that I can use? I asked the pet store but they only sell air pumps. <I'd try and find what's called a powerhead.  A company called Rio makes inexpensive products, no need to spend much for a pump that will only run a few days.  Try and make your "blood" mixture with a little dissolved solids as possible...They may clog pumps.  Liquid food coloring would be a good safe bet.> I need a small inexpensive pump that would cause the liquid to move around in a loop.  Any ideas.  Pls help!! <Use the powerhead, but take some tubing with you and make sure that it fits snugly...You can use Teflon tape to ensure a clean seal.  It's also very cheap.> I want to have a COOL display for my science project. <And with great ideas like this, I'm quite sure you will.  I'd love to see a picture of the final project!  The best of luck my friend, Ryan> Thanks, trying to get an A+

Rio powerheads I purchased a 2500 RIO PUMP/POWER HEAD 14 months ago and have been running it in a 93 gallon aquarium. Every month when I do my water change I also open the Rio pump and clean with fresh water, then I run the Rio pump for a short time in clean fresh water.  The pump has quit working. I checked everything but still won't work.  I have a very small stock, 1butterfly, 1 hawk, 4 damsels.  My question is, I thought the RIO pump was suppose to be a good pump.  I'm not so sure.  What pump would you recommend?   Thank you, Mona <Hmm, Depends on who you talk to Mona!  Some like em' and some don't.  I have an older model running a CPR skimmer that (knock on wood) just keeps going.  I have heard and read otherwise, like from yourself.  A good choice if it fits would be a Mag-drive matched to the required flow.  Best of luck, Craig>


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