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Archive 1063: Daily Pix FULL SIZE
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Spirobranchus giganteus, the Christmas Tree Worm, family Serpulidae. 1-1 1/2". Two spiral crowned groups of radioles with a double horned operculum between them that bears a sharp spine. Tropical West Atlantic, Indo-Pacific. Fr. Polynesia 2018
Conger triporiceps Kanazawa 1958, the Many-tooth Conger. Western Atlantic; Florida to Brazil. To a meter in length. Found in association with rocky, coral bottoms. Bahamas pic at night.
Conger cinereus Ruppell 1830, the Mustache Conger. Indo-Pacific. To four feet in length. Found in holes in rocky caves near the bottom. Looks like a sea monster, but is a gentle giant. Hawaii pic during the day.
Gorgasia preclara Bohlke & Randall 1981, the Splendid Garden Eel. To 40 cm. Indo-West Pacific: Maldives to Papua New Guinea; south to the Ryukyus; north through the Philippines to the Coral Sea. Aq. pic, warts and all.
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