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Archive 1081: Daily Pix FULL SIZE
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Ctenogobiops feroculus Lubbock & Polunin 1977, the Sandy Prawn Goby. Indo-West Pacific; Red Sea to Micronesia. To two and a half inches in  length. Here in Fr. Polynesia.  
Ctenogobiops tangaroai  Lubbock & Polunin 1977, the Tangaroa Prawn Goby. A popular shrimp goby species in the aquarium interest. Tropical Pacific Ocean. To two and a half inches in length. Aquarium image. 

Stonogobiops nematodes Hoese & Randall 1982, the Filament-Finned Prawn Goby. Lives symbiotically with Alpheus randalli in the Indo-West Pacific; Seychelles to the Philippines. To two inches in length. Aquarium image. 

Stonogobiops xanthorhinica Hoese & Randall 1982,  Yellow-nose Prawn Goby. To 5.5 cm. in length. Western Pacific; Indonesia to Southern Japan to Micronesia. Fiji image. 
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