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Archive 1133: Daily Pix FULL SIZE
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Scolopsis lineata Quoy & Gaimard 1824, Striped Monocle Bream. Eastern Indian Ocean, Western Pacific. To 23 cm. Here in S. Sulawesi. http://fishbase.sinica.edu.tw/Country/CountrySpeciesSummary.cfm?Country=Indonesia&Genus=Scolopsis&Species=lineata
Scolopsis margaritifer (Cuvier 1830), the Pearly Monocle Bream. Western Pacific. To eleven inches maximum length. Specimen off of S. Sulawesi.

Parapercis clathrata Ogilby 1910, the Latticed Surfperch. Have a bottome tow of black centered orange spots. Indian Ocean into western Pacific; Persian Gulf to Micronesia. S. Sulawesi image.  http://fishbase.sinica.edu.tw/
Country/CountrySpecies Summary.cfm?Country=Indonesia&Genus=Parapercis& Species=clathrata
Parapercis snyderi Jordan & Starks 1905, the U-Mark Sandperch. Three U marks on the body, then broken/bars. Western Pacific; including Andaman Sea. To 10 cm. in length. Fishbase link. N. Sulawesi pix. 
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