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Archive 1046: Daily Pix FULL SIZE
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Ptereleotris evides Jordan & Hubbs 1925, the Blackfin Dartfish. Indo-Pacific, Red Sea, eastern African coast to the Society Islands. To nearly six inches in length. Unusual for tending to swim away from divers rather than dart into burrows.  Fr. Polynesia 2018

Amblyeleotris fasciata (Herre 1953), the Red-banded Shrimp-Goby. Western central Pacific in distribution. To a little over three and a half inches in length. Occasionally imported as an aquarium species.  Fr. Polynesia 2018
Cirripectes variolosus (Valenciennes 1836), the Red-Speckled Blenny. Pacific Plate: Palau to Johnston, Marquesas, throughout Micronesia. Usually found in association with Pocillopora corals. To four inches in length. Fr. Polynesia 2018
Plagiotemus tapeinosoma (Bleeker 1857), the Piano Fangblenny. Indo-Pacific; Red Sea to the Line Islands. To five and a half inches in length. Fr. Polynesia 2018
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