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Archive 1073: Daily Pix FULL SIZE
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Hippocampus abdominalis Lesson 1827, the Big-Belly Seahorse. Southwest Pacific; Australia and New Zealand. To a foot in length. Now cultured in good numbers by OMLAS Pty Ltd (Seahorse Australia) in Tasmania for the aquarium trade. www.seahorseaquaculture.com.au At a Singapore Aquarama show years back
Hippocampus bargibanti Whitney 1970, the Pygmy Seahorse. Indo-West Pacific; Indonesia, New Guinea, New Caledonia. To 2 cm. in length. Only found on Muricella sp. Gorgonians that they match perfectly (only discovered after being found on collected sea fans!). N. Sulawesi photo of specimen about 1/4" tall.

Hippocampus colemani Kuiter 2003, Coleman's Pygmy Seahorse. SW Pacific. (provisional assignment... aka "Pontohi's" Seahorse in Sulawesi.). May be a different species altogether. S. Sulawesi pic. Now ARE separate species.
Hippocampus kuda Bleeker 1852, the Common or Spotted Seahorse. Indo-Pacific; Pakistan, India, to Hawai'i, Society Islands. To a foot in length (stretched out). Found in calm waters amongst algae, seagrass. N. Sulawesi image
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