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Archive 1150: Daily Pix FULL SIZE
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Chrysiptera talboti (Allen 1975), Talbot's Damsel. Indo-West Pacific. To about two inches maximum length. A great little Damsel for reef aquariums. Regularly collected for the ornamental trade in Fiji. Fiji image.
Dascyllus albisella Gill 1862, the Hawaiian Dascyllus. Central Pacific: Hawaiian and Johnston Islands. To five inches. A poor shipper, and as nasty a biter as the similar Three-Spot, Domino, Dascyllus trimaculatus. A one inch one out in Kona.

Dascyllus carneus Fischer 1885, the Cloudy Damsel. Widespread in the Indian Ocean. Occasionally offered in the aquarium trade. To two and a half inches in length. Lives around branching corals. Intermediate individual in Mauritius.
Serranus psittacinus Valenciennes 1846 (S. fasciatus (Jenyns 1840) is a common synonym. The Barred Serrano. Eastern Pacific; Sea of Cortez to Chile, including Galapagos. One in the last.
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