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Archive 1152: Daily Pix FULL SIZE
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Hemigymnus fasciatus (Bloch 1792), the Barred Thicklip Wrasse (2). Indo-Pacific, including the Red Sea, east to Tahiti. To thirty two inches long in the wild. A one foot initial phase/female one in the Red Sea.
Oxycheilinus arenatus (Valenciennes 1840), the Speckled Maori Wrasse. Indo-Pacific including the Red Sea. To nearly eight inches in length. Sinai 2019.

Cheilinus quinquecinctus, (Ruppell 1835), the Redbreasted Wrasse. Red Sea. To sixteen inches overall length. These is a 5 cm. Red Sea juvenile. There exists a separation of this species into two... the Indo-Pacific holding onto the C. fasciatus name, with the Red Sea being divided into C. quinquecinctus... A thank you to Lemon Tyk for this ID.
The familiar encrusting and tubular Briareum asbestinum of the Caribbean is mirrored in habitat in many locations in the Pacific by B. stechel. Both are highly photosynthetic and easy to care for in captive systems. In fact, you should take care to limit the area your colony can spread (best by isolating on a rocky bommie) to assure it doesn’t grow out of control. Most any water current, light conditions will do, this genus even tolerating less than ideal water quality. Here is a colony of B. stechel in S. Sulawesi, Indonesia.
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