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Archive 1196: Daily Pix FULL SIZE
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Acalycigorgia sp. Many prominent calyces. Not totally retractable, often bright warm-colored, contrasting with rind/cover... Western Pacific. N. Sulawesi pic. 
Ctenocella pectinata (Pallas 1766). Characterized by distinctive parallel branches arising from a Y-shaped base. Thailand, Indonesia, Australia. This one off of Pulau Redang, Malaysia in sixty feet of water. 

Likely the rope sponge, Aplysina fulva, with parasitic Zoanthids, Bergia catenularis, poss. Umimayanthus parasiticus or Parazoanthus cutressi. Bahamas pic. 
Isis hippuris Linnaeus 1758, the Golden Sea Fan. Indo-Pacific; Red Sea, Australia, Indonesia, Sri Lanka. To about sixteen inches tall. Needs good current, daily feedings, low lighting (no metal halides) for captive care. Golden in color when polyps are extended. An open colony off the Whitsunday's, Queensland, Australia. 
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