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Archive 1209: Daily Pix FULL SIZE
(For personal use only: NOT public domain)
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Cryptodendrum adhaesivum Klunzinger 1877, the Adhesive Sea Anemone, aka as the Pizza Anemone for obvious reasons. Family Thalassianthidae. Not often seen, used in the aquarium interest due to the species extremely sticky short tentacles and propensity for tearing in moving. Only one Clownfish species is found in it in the wild, the Clarkii. Nuka Hiva, Marquesas, Fr. Polynesia.
Acrozoanthus australiae Saville-Kent 1893. Tree Stick Polyps, Tree Anemone...
https://animal-world.com/Aquarium-Coral-Reefs/Stick-Polyps Here in N. Sulawesi, Indo.

Phymanthus sp. (poss. P. loligo), Somo Somo St., Taveuni, Fiji.
Neothyonidium magnum Ludwig 1882. Usually only the tentacular crown of this species shows, the rest being buried in the soft substrate... Neat to watch it feed as it "licks" food one "stem" at a time... N. Sulawesi pix. 
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