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Archive 1231: Daily Pix FULL SIZE
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Pectinia alcicornis (Saville-Kent 1871). Colonies are formed of irregular upright elements which on microscopic inspection have ridges that are minutely toothed. Usually mottled brown or green in color. Queensland, Australia. 
Pectinia ayleni (Wells 1935). Encrusting or tiered laminae that have vertical walls. Here in Bunaken/Sulawesi/Indonesia.

 Pocillopora grandis poss:
Douglas Fenner This one might be Pocillopora grandis (=eydouxi). P grandis usually has not only larger branches but the branches farther apart, and the colony larger than on P. meandrina. My guess here Is P grandis. P eydouxi is a name that has been long used. Veron long ago reported that these two were synonyms. There is a rule that such a name can be retained, but you have to appeal to the Commission. Veron refuses to do that, but sticks with eydouxi. He synonymized them long ago, long before he has come to distinguish many additional species in the genus. As I see colonies in the wild, I see huge diversity of variations within this nominal species, making me suspicious that it may be a species complex. I need to check the types of both of these, they may actually be names of different species in this complex. Or not. Isn't taxonomy fun????
 French Polynesia.
Pocillopora meandrina Dana 1846. Flat, short, curved branches, small verrucae. Regular arrangement of branch growth, verrucae placement. A pinkish one in Hawaii.
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