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The phylum Porifera is subdivided into living (and extinct) Classes. One is the aptly named Calcarea, hard-bodied animals of stiff carbonate structure. This colony in Roatan, Honduras.
Other classes include the Hexactinellida (glass sponges), Sclerospongiae and what most hobbyists consider sponges, the Demospongiae. Only the latter are sold specifically in the trade, though all others members may show up as "incidentals" on LR, other hard substrates. 

Acervochalina sp., the Red Sea 

Agelas citrina, /The Sponge Guide:

Notes: Pinkish, tan or orange, ear-shaped thick fans; orange when filling crevices. It may be confused with Agelas clathrodes (Schmidt, 1870), also pictured here, which is harder. A. citrina has a thick skin, which in some portions forms conules or it is stretched over depressions. When they co-exist in the same locality, they can be distinguised by color, being milkier and lighter in A. citrina. Spicules are acanthostyles.
Author Reference:
 Gotera & Alcolado, 1987
World Porifera Database

 Bonaire 8/09 
Callyspongia species. Blue Callyspongia. A species of Hawaiian sponge found living exposed on the open reef (as opposed to cryptically hidden as most sponges). Hawai'i'.
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