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Archive 1264: Daily Pix FULL SIZE
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Atrina pectinata (Linnaeus 1767), the Pen Shell. India to Australia; Indonesia, Philippines, Japan. There are other species called Pen Shells, and some of these make their way into the ornamental trade. Typical appearance in an aquarium, mounted vertically, but the Seastar is not a friend.

Pteria aegyptica (Chemnitz 1782), Egyptian Wing-Oyster. Indo-Pacific; including Red Sea. Found attached to gorgonians (as here), stony corals, soft corals, hydrozoans. Needs strong current, moderate light and very small (less than 15 millimicron diameter) for food. To 8 cm. in length. Red Sea pic.

Pteria colymbus, Atlantic Wing-Oyster. Tropical West Atlantic. 2-3 inches. Found attached to Gorgonians, mostly Sea Plumes. Often overgrown in turn by other organisms. DiF pic in Roatan.

Spondylus americanus Herman 1781, the Atlantic Thorny Oyster. Caribbean. Deep red, rounded shell to six inches across. Here off the Bahamas in the Caribbean.
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