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Archive 1271: Daily Pix FULL SIZE
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Alcyonohippolyte commensalis (Kemp 1925); Xenia Soft Coral Shrimp. KBR 2011.

Lysmata grabhami (Gordon 1935), the Atlantic White-Striped Cleaner Shrimp. Tropical East and West Atlantic coasts. Generally gets along with all fishes and other crustaceans. Best kept in pairs or small groups (no sexual distinguishing marks externally). A hardy Cleaner species that accepts most all foods. Conds: temp. 18-28 C.

Lysmata prima Borradaille 1915. Yellow bodied with distinctive red lining. East Indo-West Pacific; Maldives, Andaman Sea, Indonesia. N. Sulawesi pic. Found living on sand/mud bottoms. 

Saron marmoratus Olivier 1811), Marble or Saron Shrimp. Found throughout the tropical Indo-Pacific. Usually collected out of Hawai'i for the U.S., the Red Sea for European markets. Usually found in pairs in the wild. Will fight to the death if same sex individuals are placed together. Males with much longer first pair of walking/fighting legs.  Get along fine with fishes, other crustaceans. Female shown. Eat all types of food, reclusive, nocturnal.  A female in a typical retail setting... in a punctured plastic container.
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