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FAQs about Marine Crab (Including some Anomurans) Identification 21

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Crab Scientific Name Needed       1/16/16
<Yikes Mark... 14.5 Megs of pix?!!!! Oh, I see you realize... will resp. to your second msg. B>
Bob and Crew, Please let me know if anyone knows the scientific name for this crab. These come in as red crabs from the Philippines. Thanks for your help, Mark
Crab i.d. - with resized pics       1/16/16

Bob, I didn't read the rule before sending the other email. I've resized the pics so they should be in the size range you need. Again, these come in as red crabs from the Philippines. I'm looking for their scientific name. Thanks again, Mark
<Ahh! Do see LynnZ's ID work here:
"The overall shape/length of the stalked eyes and sharply pointed carapace seem to be fairly common within the semi-terrestrial fiddlers in the genus Uca, family Ocypodidae. The closest I can find is a photo of something alleged to be Uca arcuata (see this link: http://www.geocities.com/rainforest/canopy/5280/philip.htm )"
Bob Fenner>

Re: Crab i.d. - with resized pics       1/17/16
Got it. Thank you, Bob!
<Welcome Mark. BobF>

.... Crab ID... webmail program crashed....      11/26/15
I have a reef tank and recently bought a bunch of live rock from an established tank and sump. Well cleaning my refugium some I saw something skittering along the bottom under the sediment. I dipped in a net and pulled out this crab. Can you help me ID this crab? I did see a molt in the sediment so I guess he's been driving down there for a while. Is this crab dangerous to coral, other invertebrates, and or copepods and macropods?
Thank you for your help in this matter. Here are some pictures of the crab.
It is about 1 inch wife at the carapace and has widely set eyes.
<Yikes! 20 MB of photos! Please, don't do this to us. As stated on the "how to send a message" page, anything more than, say, 1 MB means that your photos gum up our email system. That means other people's messages are rejected, and there wasn't anything I could do with other emails until space was cleared. Couldn't move them, couldn't send them on to the
relevant experts. A right nuisance. Bob F would probably send a sterner message back than this,
<<Oh yes. RMF>>
 but in the spirit of being nice to those in the Colonies even after they turned their back on our gracious King, the answer to your question: probably a Mithrax species, and no, not 100% reef safe in the long term. Do read:
Very commonly kept crab, and perfectly viable pet with the understanding bigger specimens have big appetites and may stray from mere scavenging and algae-eating; small shrimps, even dozy fish are at risk, and certainly some polyps and other sessile invertebrates. Cheers, Neale.>

cropped.... poss. Xanthid

Re, Yikes! 20 mb of photos! Crab question.      11/30/15
Oh very sorry about the pic size !I'm old and didn't realize. Thank you
for your help with this. I've put him back in the sump. there is little for him to eat down there but Chaeto morphs and pods. BTW I do not support the kind of devastation my country has perpetrated over the last 40 yrs or so. I do what I can to change things here along with a growing number of us who are trying to put the power back into the people's hands and out of the oligarchic maniacs. My apologies again for anyone who was impeded by my ineptness on photo size.
<Ah, thank you for your expression. Bob Fenner>

Re stow away crabs        9/8/15
<2 megs of pix, now cropped>
Hi. My name is Rebecca and I have a salt water tank. I have recently found two separate crabs in my tank that must have been on the live rock I purchased and would love to know what they are if possible to id from my pics. I have seen them running around but my husband has
Would love to know
<The first may be a Grapsid; the second I can't make out. Both are highly likely opportunistic omnivores... will pick at, eat your other livestock if hungry. Bob Fenner> 

Re: Re stow away crabs        9/10/15
Managed to catch the white one. What do u think it is
<Still can't make out in this poorly resolved, uncropped image. B>

Re: Re stow away crabs        9/10/15
Does this help? Or do u need a shot of him from top
<Does help.... to the family level. This is a Xanthid. B>

Re: Re stow away crabs        9/10/15
<Mmm, Gaillardiellus? May be G. rueppelli>

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