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Pareques sp., the Pacific Highhat. To 11 inches. Cortez to Peru. A juvenile specimen in Puerto Vallarta 2015

Pareques sp., the Pacific Highhat. To 11 inches. Cortez to Peru. An intermediate specimen in Puerto Vallarta 2015, photo-bombed by a Fang Blenny.
Gymnomuraena zebra, the aptly named Zebra Moray is a slow-moving chocolate black with vertical white striped beauty. (photo). The suitability for aquaria of the species is reflected in longevity records. Our old service company had some in rentals for fifteen years. Puerto Vallarta 2015
Gymnothorax castaneus (Jordan & Gilbert 1883), the Chestnut  Moray (to science) or Morena Verde. To 150 cm. Eastern Pacific; Sea of Cortez to Ecuador, including the Galapagos. Puerto Vallarta 2015
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