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Archive 860: Daily Pix FULL SIZE
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Diodon holacanthus Linnaeus 1758, the Long-Spined Porcupinefish. Circumtropical in distribution. To some eighteen inches in length in the wild. Can be told apart from the similar D. liturosus by its longest spines being on top of its head; and lacking spots on its fins. A comical, hardy addition to a fish-only rough and tumble marine system. Puerto Vallarta 2015

Glossodoris sedna. Red-tipped Dorid. White body, red tipped rhinophores and gills. Yellow and red margins on the foot. Cortez to Columbia. Puerto Vallarta 2015Puerto Vallarta 2015
Murex princeps, Spined Murex. Spines brownish black with distinctive white bands (when not overgrown!). To 5 inches. CA to Peru. Here in Puerto Vallarta 2015
Pinctada margaritifera Linnaeus 1758, the Black-Lipped Pearl Oyster. THE pearl oyster of the South Pacific. Indo-Pacific all the way to the Eastern Pacific. To almost a foot in length. Puerto Vallarta 2015
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