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Archive 865: Daily Pix FULL SIZE
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Stegastes planifrons (Cuvier 1830), the Three-Spot (Atlantic) Damsel. Tropical west Atlantic. To three and a half inches overall length. Juveniles, with their bright yellow bodies and bold black body spots are occasionally caught for aquarium use... ultimately turning into bland brown behemoths. Curacao 2015

Bodianus rufus (Linnaeus 1758), the Spanish Hogfish. Western Atlantic; Bermuda to Brazil. To sixteen inches maximum length. In the wild eats mollusks, urchins, Brittlestars, crustaceans, and juveniles act as facultative cleaners. Hardy aquarium species. A sixteen inch adult (terminal phase; male) Curacao 2015
Creole Wrasse, Clepticus parrae (Bloch & Schneider 1801) (3), simply because it (mis)enters the trade from time to time. This reef roamer is not often identified as a wrasse at all, as it cruises above the reefs of the tropical western Atlantic. The Creole Wrasse almost always dies in route from being shipped from the wild. To one foot in length. Juveniles in Curacao 2015
Pterois volitans  ("Tare-oh-ease vawl-it-tanz) (Linnaeus 1758),  is the Lionfish to most folks. It is the most commonly displayed and sold member of the family; the quintessential marine aquarium specimen, with it's long flowing pectoral and dorsal fin rays. Volitans lions span the color range of banded red to black against alternating creamy white. Invasive; along w/ smaller numbers of P. miles in the trop. W. Atlantic (P. v. w/ 11 vs. 10 D1 spines, 7 vs. 6 Anal). Yes, black and red volitans lions are the same species. Curacao 2015
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