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Archive 867: Daily Pix FULL SIZE
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Aulostomus maculatus Valenciennes 1837, the Trumpetfish. Tropical West Atlantic; Florida to Venezuela. To a meter in length. Occurs in many and changeable colors, markings; brown, yellow, bluish striped. Curacao 2015

 Trumpetfishes like to "hang out" with other fishes, invertebrates for cover/camouflage likely; as well as to capture some of the organisms these others scare out during foraging. Here an Aulostomus maculatus hangs w/ a Atl. Blue Tang in Curacao 2015
Lebrunia neglecta (nee danae) (Duchassaing & Michelotti, 1860), the Branching Anemone. Has finger like and stubby, branching "pseudotentacles" (true, longer tentacles are usually only extended at night). Typically brownish to gray in color, a few bluish to green. Common in the tropical West Atlantic. Able to quickly withdraw into its closed space. Will easily sting other livestock, aquarists, divers exposed skin. Curacao 2015
Acropora palmata, Elkhorn Coral. Found in the tropical West Atlantic. Established stands are 3-12 feet in diameter, with branches of 2-10 inch width. Occasionally "occurs" on live rock cultured for the trade. Curacao 2015 
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