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Archive 1022: Daily Pix FULL SIZE
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Chromis agilis Smith 1960, the Reef Chromis. Widespread in the Indo-west Pacific, including Hawaiian Islands where this species is most frequently gathered for the aquarium trade. To three inches in length. A good species for reef tanks. Hawai'i image of a juvenile. Kona 2017

Stegastes fasciolatus (Ogilby 1889), the Pacific Gregory. Indo-west Pacific. Not a great beauty and at up to six inches in length, a handful. But an interesting, intelligent addition to a rougher aquarium setting. An older individual in Hawai'i. Kona 2017
Acanthurus. achilles Shaw 1803, Achilles tang. Widely distributed from Hawaii westward through Micronesia and Melanesia, an area called Oceania (also reported from Mexico's Baja tip). Though the best specimens do hail from U.S.s 50th State, success with this species can only be had by securing a healthy specimen, providing a large well-established living space, with high, consistent specific gravity and oxygen concentration. Kona 2017 
Scorpaenopsis cacopsis Jenkins 1901, Titan Scorpionfish. Long third dorsal spine. Hawaiian island endemic. Due to its high regard as a food fish, its populations have been decimated by spearfishers. To twenty inches long. Big Island pic 2017.  
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