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Archive 1083: Daily Pix FULL SIZE
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Diademichthys lineatus (Sauvage 1883), the Urchin Clingfish. Indo-West Pacific; Oman, Mauritius, Southern Japan, GBR. To 5 cm. Almost always found in and amongst Diadema urchin spines. Sipadan, Malaysia pix. 
Anampses chrysocephalus Randall 1958, whose females are typically sold as Red Tail and males as Psychedelic or Psych-Head Wrasses. Gorgeous, but a radical swimmer and jumper that frequently "just dies" overnight. Only found in the Hawaiian Island chain. Old Airport, Kona.  

Pseudodax moluccanus (Valenciennes 1839), the Chiseltooth Wrasse. Monotypic. Indo-Pacific; Red Sea to the Tuamotus. Up to a foot in length in the wild. Occasionally imported for the aquarium trade, rarely lives due to captive trauma. A juvenile in the upper Red Sea shown.
Anampses melanurus Bleeker 1837, the White-spotted Wrasse. West-Central Pacific; Indonesia to Marquesas throughout Micronesia to S. Japan. To 12 cm. Similar to A. meleagrides, but never has a completely yellow caudal. Nuka Hiva, Marquesas, Polynesia pic. 
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