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Archive 1218: Daily Pix FULL SIZE
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Favites halicora (Ehrenberg, 1834). Typically made up of irregular massive shapes. Corallites 11-13 mm in diameter. Yellow-tan to greenish color. Here in Fiji.   
Favites sp. Aquarium image. 

Goniastrea edwardsi Chevalier 1971. Corallites slightly angular, with thick, rounded walls. Irregular septa that taper toward the columella.  Thick paliform lobes. Tan to brown in color, possibly with orange centers. Red Sea image. Common, up to or more than a meter across. 
 Merulina scabricula Dana 1846
Characters: Colonies are laminar or subarborescent, with these different growth-forms characteristically occurring together in large colonies. Valleys are short, straight, and spread in a fan before dividing. They radiate from the colony centre on flat surfaces, but are highly contorted on branches. Flat surfaces often have concentric growth lines. Tentacles are extended only at night. Well developed colonies always have some branch development.
Blue or pale brown with blue margins (which may photograph pink). Tentacles are extended only at night.
Similar Species: 
Merulina ampliata, which has thicker and coarser skeletal structures. (COTW) NSUL 2005. Bunaken, Sulawesi, Indonesia image. 
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