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Archive 1313: Daily Pix FULL SIZE
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Pisaster ochraceus, the Ochre Seastar, here in the Denver Aquarium.

Ophiocoma alexandri Lyman 1860, Alexander's Brittle Star. Indo-Pacific. Disc size to 0.9 in., arms to 7.1 inches in length. Feed on detritus both day and night by extending their arms from crevices, beneath rocks. Southern California to Peru, including the Galapagos Islands. Galapagos pic.

Ophiocoma paucigranulata, the Spiny Brittle Star. Tropical West Atlantic. 4-6 inches in diameter. Have pale colored arms in their middles. Found in association with living corals. Cozumel image at night.

Ophiotheia danae (Verrill 1869). Order Ophiurae, family Ophiotrichidae. Indo-West Pacific; Red Sea, eastern Africa to the South Pacific, Japan. Narrow armed sponges, gorgonians and soft corals are substrates for this diminutive Brittle Star. Banded arms come in blues, orange, red, yellow. This image made in Pulau Redang, Malaysia on a sponge. 
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