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Archive 1314: Daily Pix FULL SIZE
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Ophiothrix purpurea Martens 1867. Reddish disk, alternating colors on arms, with a distinctive black stripe running down the middle of each one, surrounded by yellow. KBR, Lembeh, N. Sulawesi, Indo. image. 

Ophiothrix suensonii, the Sponge Brittle Star. Tropical West Atlantic. 2 1/2- 3 1/2". Live principally on sponges. Also found on fire coral and gorgonians. Arms bear a dark line running down their mid-line. Boniare pic.

Ascidian-world! A shot down in Wakatobi, S. Sulawesi, Indo. of a Polycarpa overgrown w/ Didemnids, Rhopalaea and more.

Atriolum robustum Kott 1983. South Africa to New Guinea, Philippines. Small urn-shaped zooids of about an inch in height. Large and few oral siphons. Most are rust-orange or greenish shades. Often confused with Didemnum molle which has much smaller oral siphons. Color due to the endosymbiotic algae Prochloron. Queensland, Australia pic.
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