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Archive 1316: Daily Pix FULL SIZE
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Clavelina picta, the Painted Tunicate. Florida, Bahamas, Caribbean. Frequently found in clusters of hundreds of individuals hanging on to gorgonians, black coral, sponges. Translucent bodies of variable cool colors. Siphon rims reddish to dark purple. Here in the Bahamas.

Distaplia corolla, Button Tunicate. Small (1/4" or less) oval individuals with one larger outflowing opening. Generally grow in small clusters. Tropical West Atlantic. Found growing on dead coral. Orange or purple in color. Bahamas pic.

Eudistoma cf. gilboviride (Sluiter 1909). Light to bright green with yellow overall mottling. West Pacific; Australia, Indonesia, Melanesia. Here in S. Sulawesi.

Herdamania momus (Savigny 1816). Western Atlantic, Indo-Pacific, incl. Red Sea. To 10 cm. overall. Globular in shape, solitary, with flared oral siphons. Most are tan in color with red mottling. Wakatobi, S. Sulawesi, Indo. image.
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