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Archive 1354: Daily Pix FULL SIZE
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Chaetodon ornatissimus Cuvier 1831, the Ornate Butterflyfish. Yet another obligate corallivore. Yes, a beauty, but does not live in home fish tanks. Indo-west Pacific, Including Hawaiian Islands. To about seven inches in length. Commonly offered, doesn't live. A mis-barred adult in Kona, Hawai'i.

Chaetodon multicinctus Garrett 1863, the Multiband or Pebbled Butterflyfish. Confined to the Hawaiian Islands and Johnston Atoll. Some authors rate this little (five inch maximum length) lower in terms of survivability. Hardy once acclimated. Sometimes can be trained on other food but does eat coral polyps principally in the wild. Kona, Hawaii pic.

Chaetodon unimaculatus Bloch 1787, the Teardrop Butterflyfish. Often, too often imported from Indonesia, the Philippines and even Hawai'i... like the similar Indian Ocean species of the same common name this is an "iffy" fish that mainly perishes due to the rigors of human (mis)handling. Kona, HI pic of a 2" juv. 2019.

Chromis agilis Smith 1960, the Reef Chromis. Widespread in the Indo-west Pacific, including Hawaiian Islands where this species is most frequently gathered for the aquarium trade. To three inches in length. A good species for reef tanks. Hawai'i image of a juvenile. Kona, HI 2019.
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