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Archive 1358: Daily Pix FULL SIZE
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Mulloidichthys vanicolensis (Valenciennes 1831), the Yellowfin Goatfish. Indo-Pacific, Red Sea to Hawai'i. To fifteen inches in length. The first one in the upper Gulf of Aqaba in the Red Sea, a second in the Cooks, and a third showing their "pink" color in Hawai'i, where it is known as the weke'ula (red); which the species turns when stressed, dead. Kona 2019.

Parupeneus insularis Island Goatfish, munu in HI. To about a foot in length. Mid to E. tropical Pacific. Here in Kona, HI 2019.

Cirrhitus pinnulatus (Forster 1801), the Stocky Hawkfish. Indo-Pacific, including the Red Sea. To a foot in length. An occasional import that does well in captivity, including reefs that don't house small motile invertebrates or fishes. Adult profile in Hawai'i.



Forster's or Freckled Hawkfish, Paracirrhites forsteri (Schneider 1801). With a body marked by dark spots on the front half and horizontal bands on the rear. This species can be testy and eat goldfish near their full length of almost nine inches, so be careful when purchasing a larger one. Indo-Pacific. A very large (10" plus) individual in Kona, HI 2019.
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