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Archive 1359: Daily Pix FULL SIZE
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Gymnothorax meleagris (Shaw & Nodder 1795), the White Mouth Moray. Brown to black with numerous white spots. Dark spot around gill opening. Indo-Pacific. Most common Hawaiian puhi/moray. To about forty inches in length. Kona, Hawai'i image 2019. 

Myripristis vittata Valenciennes 1831, the Whitetip Soldierfish. Indo-Pacific. To ten inches long. Another under-utilized species available in good numbers. Like most Soldierfishes, feeds on motile invertebrates at night. Kona, HI 2019 at night.

Sargocentron tiere (Cuvier in C & V 1829), the Tahitian Squirrelfish; ala'ihi in HI. Blue-violet iridescence is indicative. To 25 cm. W. Indian Ocean to Mid Pacific tropical islands. 2019 Kona, HI here.

Acanthurus. achilles Shaw 1803, Achilles tang. Widely distributed from Hawaii westward through Micronesia and Melanesia, an area called Oceania (also reported from Mexico's Baja tip). Though the best specimens do hail from U.S.s 50th state success with this species can only be had by securing a healthy specimen, providing a large well-established living space, with high, consistent specific gravity and oxygen concentration. One off of Kona, HI w/ unusual bluish coloration on the face, breast and around the eye. 2019.
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