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Archive 1369: Daily Pix FULL SIZE
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Sertularella speciosa, Branching Hydroid. Branches alternate in single plane per stalk, with white polyps alternating. Mostly 1", but up to several inches in length in places. Solitary or colonial; found in caves or attached to underhangs. Worldwide in tropical seas. Kona, HI 2019.

Palythoa tuberculosa (Esper 1791), Zooxanthellate; widely distributed in the tropical and subtropical Indo-Pacific, including the Red Sea. Green, yellow to dark brown and ochre. A small colony off of Kona, HI 2019.

Montipora capitata (Dana 1846), Rice Coral. Encrusting to massive colonies to thin plates in calm water. Dark to light brown  in color. Hawaiian endemic. Structural elements of polyps appear like grains of rice.  Kona, HI 2019.

Pocillopora meandrina Dana 1846. Flat, short, curved branches, small verrucae. Regular arrangement of branch growth, verrucae placement. A small colony off southern Kona, HI 2019.
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