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Archive 1397: Daily Pix FULL SIZE
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Plectroglyphidodon leucozonus (Bleeker 1859), the SIngle-Bar Devil. Indo-Pacific, eastern Africa and Red Sea to the Marshall, Pitcairn Islands. One in N. Red Sea, 2019.

Pomacentrus trichrourus Gunther 1867, the Rale-Tail Damsel. Western Indian Ocean, including the Red Sea; E. Africa. To 11 cm.s overall length. This one in N. Red Sea 2019.

Pseudochromis fridmani Klausewitz 1968, the Orchid Dottyback. Known only from the Red Sea, but cultured in commercial numbers. To three inches in length. This photo taken in Sharm, Red Sea 2019.

Pseudochromis springeri Lubbock 1975, the Bluestriped Dottyback. Red Sea endemic, though most specimens offered are produced in captivity. To three inches in length. One in the Red Sea 2019; amongst a Seriatopora corals branches.
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