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Archive 927: Daily Pix FULL SIZE
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Hypoplectrus puella (Cuvier 1828), the Barred Hamlet. To six inches overall length... Found in... the tropical west Atlantic. One in the Bonaire 2016.

Chaetodon capistratus Linnaeus 1758, the Foureye Butterflyfish. Tropical west Atlantic, Caribbean To six inches. A broad feeding strategy, but still does poorly in adapting to captive conditions. A juvenile in Bonaire 2016.
Mulloidichthys martinicus (Cuvier 1829), the Yellow Goatfish. Tropical west Atlantic. To sixteen inches in length. One in Bonaire 2016. An occasional import from Caribbean collectors.
Ocyurus chrysurus (Bloch 1791), the Yellowtail Snapper. Western Atlantic; Massachusetts to Brazil and Gulf of Mexico. Maximum length to thirty four inches, most around a foot in length. One in Bonaire 2016.
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