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Archive 960: Daily Pix FULL SIZE
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One of quite a few "half-black" Damsels; Chromis fieldi Chocolate Dip or Two-tone Chromis. Similar to the now-endemic C. dimidiata which has a straight demarcation twixt the light/dark demarcation, whereas C. fieldi's is curved. To 7 cm. Mauritius 2016.

Chromis opercularis Double-bar Chromis, for the distinctive twin bars on their heads. At 16 cm. one of the largest Chromis. I.O. Here's a juvenile in Mauritius 2016. 
Chromis lepidolepis Brown or Scaly Chromis. Overall bluish brown bodied; with distinctive white and black tips on the dorsal fin spines. Indo-Pacific; Red Sea to East Africa. Mauritius 2016.  
Not as "mean" as many members of its genus. Dascyllus carneus Fischer 1885, the Cloudy Damsel. Widespread in the Indian Ocean. Occasionally offered in the aquarium trade. To two and a half inches in length. Lives around branching corals.   Mauritius 2016.  
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