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Archive 989: Daily Pix FULL SIZE
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Amblyglyphidodon aureus (Cuvier 1830), the Golden Damselfish. This gorgeous yellow-gold damsel is found throughout the Indo-West Pacific, the Andaman Sea, eastern Indian Ocean to Fiji, throughout Micronesia. The Golden Damsel is mostly found in settings of vertical reef walls amongst corals and gorgonians. The species feeds almost exclusively on zooplankton. A juvenile out in Fiji 2017.

 Chrysiptera cyanea (Quoy & Gaimard 1825), the Blue Devil/Damsel. Likely the most commonly used member of the Damsel family by the aquarium interest. Western Pacific over to the bare eastern edge of the Indian Ocean. To  two and a half inches in length. Females with a dark spot/band over their nose, males have orange yellow on fins. Fiji 2017.
 Plectroglyphidodon lacrymatus (Quoy & Gaimard 1825), the Jewel Damsel, Whitespotted Devil. Indo-west Pacific, eastern Africa and Red Sea to the Society Islands. Fiji 2017.
Stegastes nigricans (Lacepede 1802), Dusky Gregory. Indo-Pacific; Red Sea, East Africa through to Lines Islands and Fr. Polynesia. To 14 cm. An aggressive species found in shallow water, feeding on cultured algae and driving off would-be competitors for food, including divers! Fiji 2017.
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