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FAQs about Sequence (Dart) Pumps for Circulation 

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Reeflo pumps barracuda, incomp. ap.   11/22/09
Hello, I have a barracuda pump that I would like to install in my church tank. This tank is 48"x49"x48" with tower in the middle. The tank is all glass and inside of the tower we have 2 x 1.5" pipes and 2 x 1" pipes. One 1" is used for power and RO machine which is under the tank, the second 1" pipes is used for existing pump return and we are using the other two 1.5" as drains to the sump. I need more water flow in the tank that has a lot of fish and some coral.
<Mmm... well... if not too unsightly, I'd look into some internal pumps.
See the Net re EcoTech's Vortech line>
My question, can I use the barracuda as our pump?
<Mmm, no... the discharge and intake line sizes (on the volute) are 1.5"... you have one inch available... would need both 1.5" returns to accommodate volume>
If so, I can use one 1.5" as drain, the second 1.5" as the return,
<No... Not sufficient number or diameter to allow flow>
and one 1" as a drain that will go straight to the protein skimmer. Will this work and if so, can I create multiple outlets through out the tank?
<Again, I would use internal pumps for internal circulation, and a smaller pump for the rest of the undertank circulation. Please read here:
and the linked files above till you understand (though not necessarily agree with) my point of view here.
Cheers, Bob Fenner>

Dart Impeller question 05/21/09
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Online pictures are available for 30 days I just picked up a Reeflo Dart with a chipped impeller. I was wondering if this would affect anything. I have never had a pump this large and with running 24/7 and up to 3600gph, I would imagine that an impeller would need to be perfectly intact.
<To a point.>
The chip doesn't look bad and there is nothing noticeable about the performance of the pump. I just wanted to your opinion on the matter.
<It is not overly concerning so long as you are happy with the way the pump performs and there is no excess vibration. These pumps turn fairly slow and with the missing piece being near the center it may very well not be an issue for you. If you do wish to replace this give Chris at Reeflo a call. Last time I bought one of these impellers it was about $25 shipped.>
<Welcome, Scott V>

SW Pump choices  8/28/06Afternoon Bob,    You know a lot about pumps.  I need one with a flow between 3000 gph and 4000gph.  I would like to save some money on electricity so efficiency is most important. This pump will be in a closed loop running two wavy seas and two other outlets.  I have a dolphin AmpMaster 3000 on the main and am somewhat happy with it.  It's rated at 1.2 amps which is great for the amount of flow(3000 gph).  In the past I have had to manually start this pump when the power has gone out so I do have a trust issue with it. Is there a pump that would give me what I need but of better quality?    Any Ideas?    Thanks for your help.    Marc <Ah, yes my friend. Look to the Sequence series of pumps... can likely get one at Quality Marine... Dependable, quiet, long-lasting, and near the zenith in energy use. Bob Fenner>

Re: Lots of odd 180 gal Skimmer, Pump, and Sump Questions 11/8/07 Hello again and thanks for your help as usual. <Welcome in kind> I'm still working on my 180 gal display. I'm using a glass 40gal "long" as my sump. I'd really like to get an external pump as opposed to using two MagDrive 24's (to avoid as much heat transfer as possible). I think I've settled on a Sequence ReeFlo Barracuda Pump which is a 4500 GPH pump. Is this a good brand/pump? I couldn't find much in the way of reviews. <Is a great company and line of pumps> I would like to avoid drilling the sump if possible (I just feel uneasy about the whole idea). I've attached an image of my idea for how to avoid this. Is there any reason NOT to go with the first way (plumb up and over the edge of the sump)? I'm going to be using an auto-top-off system. <Mmm, well... is the proverbial "Dickens" to prime such "over the top" lines... but can be done... a reduced tee with a valve... sucking the air out... or a line inserted in the inverted "U"... sucking the air out... I'd drill or have the tank drilled... Bob Fenner> Thanks,

Equipment/Pumps/Circulation  - 4/24/2006 Hello to all,  <Hello Elvis>    Elvis here, trying to mentally prepare myself for the investment.  As I have never been a killer of life I surely don't want to start now.  I've read for months and will continue to do so.  This site is simply an incredible display of benefaction.  Thank you all.  <Thank you.>    I'm setting up a 150 gallon tall; 48x24x30.  Gear I'm planning on purchasing are the Outer Orbit MH lighting system for the 48", an Aqua C EV180,  the Typhoon III RO/DI unit, a fully set-up quarantine tank (10-15 gallon).  Now to the question; pumps. I'm tracking down information on the Oase Aquarius 4000/5000 ES pumps.  I seen the incredible performance/watt curves of these pumps.  But hard to find ones rated for saltwater.  If I go this direction I'll need to split the flow between the skimmer and the overflow returns.  With a gate valve between the pump and the skimmer should I be able to tune the flow for proper skimmer function?  Or should I have separate pumps?  <I don't believe Oase makes a saltwater safe pump.  Their pumps are geared for koi ponds/water gardens, etc.  It is better to have a separate pump for the skimmer and sump.>    What I was planning on doing was running two smaller pumps, maybe Oase, Eheim, Dolphin DP800.  Since the skimmer can only handle 600 - 700 gph, I was only planning on having a pump that would return that much from the sump.  The rest of the tank circulation would come from two Turbelles.  Logic was lower power consumption, lower heat imparted to the aquarium water, and about 3500 gph of circulation not including the sump return. <The Turbelles are an excellent choice and a trouble free, long lasting pump.  I think 3500gph is a little overkill in your system.  Somewhere between 1600-2000gph would work well.>    I've read the wonderful things about the Tunze Turbelles.  I've read the wonderful things about closed loops.  Is it simply consumer preference that dictates why one get's used and the other doesn't?  <Aesthetics is one reason for using closed loop circulation, no pumps are in the viewing window.  Another reason is tank depth.  With the powerheads placed at water level, not much circulation will take place at the lower levels.  I personally do not like bulkhead fittings that far below the water level, always a slight chance for a leak.  In your case, with a 30" deep tank, one pump should be placed in the bottom third of the tank.  I think you would be better off with four smaller Turbelles and run the system with a wavemaker.> The Turbelles are expensive, but not so much more that a Dart/Sequence pump.  The energy consumption, or lack of it, is swaying me to the Turbelles.  I've been in the chat rooms and everyone seems to like them.  <They are a good pump.> The same everyone also seems to be running closed loops with monster pumps.  I'm getting confused about the "best" circulation method. <It really doesn't matter how you circulate as long as you are circulating 15-20X tank volume.  My suggestion, two Turbelles in the lower level and two at the upper level controlled by a wavemaker.  Aquarium Systems makes a very affordable wavemaker somewhere in the $50-60 range.  If you decide on a wavemaker, pump size can be increased as no more than two pumps will be on at the same time.  I use one and it works great.>    A lot of what I keep seeing is people drilling huge holes in their tanks to run thousands of gallons of water through there sumps with huge, loud, power hog pumps and I can't figure out why.  What is in the sumps that's helping the water?  <A sump is an excellent place for gas/air exchange with the water, and oxygen is at near saturation levels, but overkill isn't necessary, just adding more heat and power usage for unnecessary circulation.> Thank you again for all your time and effort. <You're welcome.  James (Salty Dog)>      Elvis

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