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 Genus Stegastes Damselfishes, part 4

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By Bob Fenner

Stegastes planifrons (Cuvier 1830), the Three-Spot (Atlantic) Damsel. Tropical west Atlantic. To three and a half inches overall length. Juveniles, with their bright yellow bodies and bold black body spots are occasionally caught for aquarium use... ultimately turning into bland brown behemoths. Juvenile and sub-adult in the Bahamas. Full size one that bit me in Cozumel.
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Stegastes rectifraenum (Gill 1862), the Cortez Gregory. A bright blue beauty of the Sea of Cortez, twixt Mexico's Baja and Pacific shore as a juvenile... whose metallic luster breaks up and becomes dull to dark brown as an adult. To three and a half inches in length. Juv. picture from Mulege, adult off Punta Chivato, Mar de Cortes.

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Stegastes variabilis (Castelnau 1855), the Cocoa Damselfish. Tropical west Atlantic. To three inches long. Similar to Beaubrummel, but juveniles bear a distinct black ocellus on the rear upper part their dorsal fins that extends onto the body; head quite bluish. Adults yellowish below, grading to brown above. Juv. Roatan 2019 and intermediate image below taken in the Bahamas. 


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